WA Event - Entrepreneurs with a Message

  • 08 Oct 2018
  • 6:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
  • Astral Ballroom 3, Crown Resort, Great Eastern Highway Perth


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  • Book by Tuesday 2 October 2018

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Perth You're In for A Great Month! We Have Two Events & Two Speakers and We Can't Wait to Invest in You! 

First Speaker: Tarran Deane PSA National President 

Entrepreneurs with a Message 

You’re in the drivers seat of your business as professional speakers. Whether being represented by bureaus, building rapport with new leads or generating your own referrals it’s up to you to determine how fast you want to go and what route you’ll take to get there. 

Join us this month to hear from your National President and Professional Member of Professional Speakers Australia, Tarran Deane, as she shares on:

“Leading Speakers: Speak Up & Get the Gig. Three Techniques Tarran Uses to Grow Her Business Revenue”

Tarran will reveal the tools she uses as she combines consulting, executive coaching and speaking services to a range of audiences that include Suncorp GIO, Woolworths, BlueCare, Ganggalah Aboriginal Training Centre, BlueCare, Lifeline Australia, Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Griffith University, Employers Mutual Limited, Racing Victoria and BHP.

About Tarran Deane

Tarran Deane is a marketplace evangelist. With a background as a national executive in a $55m not for profit, Tarran made the transition into professional speaking in 2009. She carries with her the commitment to ‘stop the trafficking of leaders’ - good people leaving their roles ahead of time. 

From her first podcast interview on Blog Talk Radio in 2009 to articles and publications, conferences and events, Tarran went onto publish “The Alphabet Principle ~ Your A-Z Guide to being a Compelling Leader” in 2017. Tarran has invested more than 43,000 hours in leadership and spoken to more than 36,000 audience members and she’s pretty excited about her first trip to the West in over a decade. 

Additional Masterclass to Register For

Tuesday 9th October 930am - 1pm at Crown Masterclass | Strictly Limited to 11 People
Topic: "Leading Speakers: Running & Pre-Selling International Retreats to Generate Lump Sum Revenue within 60 Days"
Book for the Masterclass by clicking here.

Second Speaker: Rabia Siddique CSP 

How to Grow Your Business Without Selling Your Soul! 

In this session Rabia will share with you the conscious (and sometimes not so conscious) decisions she has made that have facilitated the rapid geographical and financial growth of her speaking business in a way where her values, ethics and soul have remained intact.

In an industry where ethics and integrity are often spoken about but regularly flouted, Rabia will convince you that your values are the calling card for your brand, reputation and ultimately the key to sustainable growth and success.

Rabia Siddique CSP is an international humanitarian, retired British Army officer and war 

crimes prosecutor, hostage survivor and best selling author. For the last 5 years Rabia has gone from lawyer by day and speaker/story teller by day off, to building a full time, global speaking practice. 

What sets Rabia apart is her absolute commitment to live, work and lead in complete alignment with her values. As well as being known for her use of stories to inspire, equip and challenge communities, organisations and individuals to impact change, Rabia is known by her clients and colleagues as a person of integrity, honesty and unwavering professionalism.