WA Workshop - Leading Speakers

  • 09 Oct 2018
  • 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Boardroom, Crown Resort, Great Eastern Highway, Perth
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Running & Pre-Selling International Retreats to Generate Lump Sum Revenue within 60 Days

Tarran Deane was 7 weeks out from an international conference earlier this year and had an idea that just wouldn’t go away. Hosting an International Leadership Retreat was not on her Annual Plan at the beginning of 2018! There was no denying though, it was an idea whose time had come, so she simply made the decision to go for it – adding value to her clients, and boosting her revenue.

Now don’t get us wrong, Tarran had a great foundation, knew her numbers and created a strong draft of her framework before she went to market with her great idea in under 24 hours - her pilot program: the #USA2018LeadershipImmersionRetreat


In this interactive Workshop Tarran reveals her International Retreat Checklist developed as a result of her own foray into hosting her pilot international leadership retreat this year with less than 60 days from idea to travel time.

You’ll receive your own International Retreat Checklist

  1. Understanding how you can leverage your existing business framework
  2. Intention and design of your International Retreat
  3. Going to market in under 24 hours
  4. Logistics including legal, insurance, travel, payments, meals and inclusions
  5. ROI for your participant(s)
  6. Boots on Ground – The Lessons from the #USA2018LeadershipImmersionRetreat
  7. And how you could be seeding and promoting for the next 60 – 360 days to enhance your revenue now.

    If you’d like to be part of this opportunity to explore a different way of leveraging your intellectual property and taking others literally on the journey with you for a commercial ROI, then be amongst the first to secure a seat at the table with our Professional Speakers Australia National President, Tarran Deane.


    Tarran Deane has been helping leaders build stronger connections and healthier teams for almost 10 years. She is an internationally recognised expert and executive coach in the areas of Leadership, Change, Communication & Facilitation.

    She has helped more than 41,000 leaders worldwide; her book “The Alphabet Principle – Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader” has sold globally as far afield as New York, Singapore, Ireland, and … Tamworth NSW; Her Mum bought that one.

    As well as a past career as national executive in a $55 million national `Not for Profit’, our Facilitator today enjoys a fast lane of another kind, on her Ducati 800 Monster!…

    She’s the 2018 President for Professional Speakers Australia, the national peak body for professional communicators who inform, inspire and influence.

    Tarran is a high stakes Facilitator working with communities, companies and individuals to bridge divides and draw people together.

    The Deputy Director General for the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs said of our speaker, “Thank you, you’ve given me hope for the future”.

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