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    • 05 Oct 2021
    • 7:15 PM - 9:30 PM (CADT)
    • Arkaba Hotel, cnr Glen Osmond and Fullarton Roads, Adelaide
    • 21

    Scott had a good business before Covid as a conflict resolution + communication + team culture F2F trainer and speaker. But during 2020-21 his business boomed! Scott’s mastery of virtual technology + his engaging online facilitation skills saw his business boom and to date he has facilitated 160+ virtual trainings. He is now known as the #1 virtual trainer in Australia! What did he do, and how did he do it?

    Scott will share (with Q + A):

    • the importance of mindset to embrace virtual
    • the importance of studying with global virtual masters + practicing the skills + tech
    • how he found and enabled a receptive market + resonant programs to increase revenue growth
    • the best apps for virtual training (and can actually be used in F2F keynotes / trainings too)
    • an example of how to convert your content from F2F to virtual

    About Scott Dutton CSP

    Scott Dutton (CSP) is the Breakthrough Speaker of the Year 2021 (awarded by Professional Speakers Australia – PSA) and the #1 Certified Virtual Trainer in Australia.

    Scott is the Conflict Whisperer and the Fun Maker! He is known as the most engaging, insightful & fun presenter in the conflict resolution arena. He has presented to 20,000+ professionals and is in high demand as a virtual + F2F keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.

    Scott is the Founder & Company Director of Fighting Fair – the leading conflict resolution training + services consultancy. His knowledge and expertise is sought by leaders across all sectors. Scott’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Bachelor of Science (BSC. – Psych. Major). He is a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), a practitioner member of the Australian Dispute Resolution Association (ADRA) and a Nationally Accredited Mediator.

    Don’t be jealous – Scott is coming to us from Byron Bay!

    At a Glance:

    6:00 - Meet for dinner in the bistro if you're free!

      (Please note: dinner is not included in the registration fee)

    6:45 - Registration opens

    7.15 - Meeting begins - welcome from Sally Curtis, 2021 SA Chapter President

    7:30 - Scott Dutton CSP - Virtual Agility

    8:30 - Quick Stretch & Coffee

    8:50 - Q & A and Planning Session

    9:30 - Meeting Close

    • 11 Oct 2021
    • 7:00 PM - 9:15 PM (WAST)
    • Kailis Bros, 101 Oxford Street, Leederville

    Using experiential learning to keep participants engaged, alert and loving your event

    Any speaker who presents programs knows that it can be a challenge to keep participants alert and engaged all day. Particularly after lunch, or when the content is heavy, participants can switch off or even start nodding off!

    Experienced facilitators know that variety is key to engagement. Getting participants moving, learning in different ways, and keeping the content surprising keeps people on board. The key to maintaining this variety is having a number of tools to shift the energy in the moment.

    The October WA Chapter PSA Meeting will provide just that: new tools for increasing engagement and learning. Join us and experiential learning specialists Michael Sanderson-Green and Jacob Fjord from The Experience Lab. In this highly interactive session, they will take us through a number of the activities they use to bring up the energy in the room, assist people to move outside their comfort zone and to help participants learn through doing. By the end of the night, you will walk away with several activities you can use in your workshops and programs.

    About the Presenters:

    Michael and Jacob are both Directors of the Experience Lab: a Perth based experiential training provider. They have a large team of actors, producers, and facilitators and deliver programs throughout Australia and internationally (when the borders allow!).

    About Michael:

    With a background in occupational therapy and improvised theatre, Michael offers interactive and powerful learning experiences. He engages with participants using his positivity and understanding of human nature.

    About Jacob:

    Jacob’s dry sense of humour endears him quickly with participants, building trust and engagement. He is a highly experienced facilitator, and works proactively with our partners and client to develop and deliver new and exciting interactive training programs.

    Event Details

    6.00pm  dinner (at your own cost) at reserved PSA tables at Kailis Bros

    (Please note: dinner is not included in the registration fee)

    6.45pm  Registration Opens

    7.00pm  Meeting begins: Introduction and Welcome

    7.05pm  Experiential Session 1 - with Michael Sanderson-Green & Jacob Fjord

    7.55pm  Networking and refreshment break

    8.10pm  Experiential Session 2 - with Michael Sanderson-Green & Jacob Fjord

    8.50pm  Wrap Up and announcements
    9.00pm Close

    PSA’s Values in Action Policy applies to this Event

    The Chapter leadership is working hard at creating a series of exciting and dynamic events. If you, our members, have any suggestions for speakers or topics for our monthly events – please reach out to the chapter leadership of Rael Bricker CSP, Shirley Anne Fortina CSP, Jani Murphy CSP and Lauren Hancock

    FREE PARKING! At 6pm the Kailis staff parking is opened to patrons of Kailis


    A key aspect of PSA Membership is the 8 core competencies. At each event we ensure that the content is aligned with one or more of these competencies.  

    Each Event will have some emphasis on 

    Competency 1 – Professional Awareness

    Competency 2 – Professional Relationships

    This  Event specifically aligns with:

    Competency 4 – Platform Mechanics

    Competency 5 - Presenting and Performing

    As a chapter leadership team, we also align all our events with or theme for the year. This is to concentrate on three areas in our speaking business.

    The overarching theme is Building Connections for Tangible Growth. There are three elements

    The Business of Delivery

    This deals with the skills  of delivery techniques AND your health as if you are not healthy then this affects your ability to deliver as a professional.

    The Business of Content

    This deals with all aspects of creating and delivering fresh professional content and enhancing the client experience in dealing with PSA members

    The Business of Leverage

    Leverage allows us all to grow our businesses from marketing to sales to repackaging content

    • 18 Oct 2021
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • ONLINE

    Join us in October for two sessions to be presented in the one night!

    Session 1 with Louise Mahler CSP

    Louise will deep dive with us on 'Here's how I did it - and you can too'

    In this session you will discover how Louise does it following the steps of the Anne Miles Productisation Pivot and then apply those principles to your own speaking business. You will deeper dive into

    • Audience problems
    • Process elicitation to create a tangible ‘thing’ – show case studies including yours
    • Value proposition statement creation
    • Content themes
    • Brand personality – archetypes for differentiation

    Session 2 with Louise Mahler CSP and Anne Miles.

    About Louise Mahler CSP, Keynote Speaker of the Year:

    Louise's credentials are fabulous! At the onset of Covid she secured all her booked work online, dazzled at MDRT, and grew her top and bottom lines with significant success.

    She made the 2021 Top Global Communication Gurus - known and continually rebooked for her presence and presentation mastery.

    Moving from the Vienna State Opera back to Australia, Louise observed a ‘missing ingredient’ in corporate leadership and completed an award- winning PhD around the unsung wisdom of the mind-body-voice connection she named Vocal Intelligence.

    Louise’s qualifications include: B.Econ; B. Mus; Post Grad Dip Music; L.Mus.A; Master of Applied Science in Organisational Change as well as a PhD in the faculty of Business. She is also accredited in MBTI, a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics and certified in level 1 and 2 of Estill voice work. In 2006 Louise was the recipient of RMIT’s award for innovation in PhD research.

    She appears on TV and Radio for her work on Presence and Influencing for senior leaders in high-stake engagement.

    About Anne Miles:

    Anne Miles is an entrepreneurial trailblazer in marketing and advertising and is the founder of Suits&Sneakers, a global facilitation service with a global network of top pre-approved marketing talent. Suits&Sneakers was awarded Winner of Westpac’s 200 Business of Tomorrow in 2019 for innovation, for being purpose driven and a business model of the future. Anne is a multi-disciplined marketer who is sometimes referred to as ‘The Marketing Police’ for her tough stance on ethics and breaking the bad habits of the marketing and advertising industry. Anne has twice been finalist in the Australian Marketing Institute’s Certified Practising Marketer of the Year, a finalist at B&T’s Women In Media Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019. LinkedIn has been a secret passion behind the scenes and Anne trains some of the industry’s best marketers (even including her competitors).

    Event Details:

    ONLINE from 6:30pm to 8:30pm


    Once you have registered to attend (Members for FREE, Guests $25), you will receive a confirmation email providing you with information on joining the webcast. 

    PSA’s Values in Action Policy applies to this Event

    • 19 Oct 2021
    • 5:45 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Brisbane View Hotel, cnr Kingsford Smith Dve and Hunt St, Hamilton
    • 46

    Speaker 1 - Jacqueline Nagle, CSP

    When the Google-Sphere is Your War Zone

    As Speakers and Educators, we are gifted with the ability to create and control the narrative – to elevate our positioning, social trust and careers. In an age of alternating freefall and relentless restrictions the constant need to evolve the narrative can feel exhausting. Imagine then if that was compounded by the collector of all modern narratives – Google – becoming your personal war zone?

    This has been the escalating reality for Jacqueline Nagle for more than five years, and through the lens of lived experience drawn from the harsh reality of her inner world she will share with you practical strategies you can immediately adopt to reclaim the narrative, and use this to create speaker-driven, commercial success in any environment.

    About Jacqueline Nagle, CSP

    Jacqueline has forged a successful career dependant on redefinition, evolution and left of centre thinking. Conceptualising and deploying strategies and projects which have driven rapid multiple 7 and 8 figure growth repeatedly, selling business to ASX Co’s, taking on hostile CEO installation, an expert enterprise agreement negotiator with a 100% success rate, Jaqueline’s experiences criss-crosses professional services, mining services, labour hire, industrial relations and professional development.

    In addition to driving her own results, for 15 years she has successfully trained consultants, professionals, business owners, community groups, executives and the C-Suite in strategy, speaking, sales, negotiating, communication, confidence and resilience. She speaks to Corporates Globally on Foundational Resilience, her training has been delivered to some of Australia’s major corporate brands including Tattersalls (The Lott) and Anglicare, her programs picked up by the Australian Institute of Sport (Olympic) Gold Medal Alumni Learning & Development Program in Canberra and most recently she trained the (Australian) Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Debrief Team. She is also the Co-Convenor for PSA Convention 2022!

    Speaker 2 - Jon Yeo

    The Long and the Short

    Speaking is the art of bringing the culmination of your knowledge, wisdom and experience. Each talk therefore is the culmination of small sections or vignettes. How do you make sure each vignette counts? In a short attention span world, how do we keep audiences or stakeholders engaged throughout your presentation?

    That's the power of the short talk, each combining to make longer or agile talk topics.

    Learn how to:

    • Create compelling talk segments that stand alone or combine for longer talks
    • Understand the psychology that combines knowledge and influence
    • What makes a great TEDx Talk
    • How to use the vignette model in training and facilitation
    • Share your message or brand in a meaningful and engaging way

    About Jon Yeo

    Jon Yeo is the National President of PSA, a professional speaker & speaker coach and volunteer licensee of TEDxMelbourne (since 2009). Over that time he has developed his own speaking practice and leads 35+ volunteers to produce large annual events and very popular virtual events.

    At a Glance:

    5.30pm  Registration Opens & Networking in Chester's Bar
    6.00pm  Doors Open
    6.20pm  Dinner service
    6.45pm  Session 1 Commences - with Jacqueline Nagle CSP 
    8.00pm  Session 2 Commences - with Jon Yeo, PSA National President
    9.00pm  Event concludes

    PSA’s Values in Action Policy applies to this Event

    • 21 Oct 2021
    • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • ONLINE

    PSA is full of experts who speak. You work hard just to keep up with each other. You spend hours honing your presentation skills, updating your core expertise, designing awesome slides and even special effects; and you don’t get booked. Your topic just isn’t ‘sexy’.

    If that sounds like you there you are not alone. There are plenty of Certified Speaking Professionals (CSPs) and emerging speakers who share that experience. And then there are a few who transcend it.

    There are a few who develop a niche from a dry or technical topic and extract a premium for their expertise. It might not happen overnight, but it can happen, and if you do the right things, it will happen.

    Boardroom expert, Julie Garland McLellan, CSP, has been active in professional speaking since 2001, and in that time, she has learned the hard way how best to profit from her expertise.

    In this interactive session you will learn how to:

    • decide whether to follow your passion or follow the money
    • target clients who need your expertise and have budget
    • leverage LinkedIn to gain front of mind recognition
    • use the power of pain to get audience attention

    Following the session, Julie will be joined on stage for a lively Q&A with fellow non-sexy experts in who are against all odds making a living. Come armed with your gnarliest questions; the panel will bring their most incisive answers!

    About Julie Garland McLellan:

    Julie Garland McLellan CSP FAICD is an internationally acclaimed corporate governance expert.

    With over 25 years’ experience training company boards and directors and having personally served on numerous boards (including the PSA), her combination of rigorous theory and practical application is unparalleled and unsurpassed.

    Julie is the author of six books on directorship and governance, two of which are the global best sellers on their topic and have been translated into Mandarin. Her monthly newsletter, The Director’s Dilemma is read in 38 countries by over 18,000 directors.

    Julie is frequently featured as a governance expert by leading media including ABC News, ABC The Business, Sky News, The Australian Financial Review, Company Director Journal, Boards and Directors, Directorship, Keeping Good Companies, Q Magazine, and In The Black. Her client list includes The Australian Institute of Company Directors, The National Association of Corporate Directors (USA), The Governance Institute of Australia, Governance NZ, The Taiwan Corporate Governance Association, The Oman Centre for Corporate Governance and Sustainability, major listed, unlisted and not for profit companies.

    Julie has formal qualifications from leading Australian and international institutions including Wharton Business School, UCLA Irvine, Australian Institute of Company Directors, I E Business School (Madrid) and City University (London).

    For more information on Julie please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliegarlandmclellan/ 

    Event Details:


    5:30 – 6pm : informal networking

    6:00pm formal start

    6:10pm Julie Garland McLellan CSP - part 1

    7:00pm Dinner

    7:30pm Julie Garland McLellan CSP - part 2

    8:20pm MC to close etc including photos


    Once you have registered to attend (Members for FREE, Guests $25), you will receive a confirmation email providing you with information on joining the webcast. 

    PSA’s Values in Action Policy applies to this Event

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25 Sep 2017 SA Chapter Meeting - Bounce!
21 Sep 2017 NSW|ACT Event - A Merry Bucket!
19 Sep 2017 QLD | NT State Meeting - Transform in Ten with Warwick Merry CSP
18 Sep 2017 WA Special Event - Kosmic Sound Site Visit
18 Sep 2017 VIC|TAS State Meeting - Protect Your IP
11 Sep 2017 WA Chapter Meeting - If You're Speaking, you Should be Writing AND Publishing Disruption
05 Sep 2017 Getting to Member Webinar Series No. 4
04 Sep 2017 Join the Spring Profile Makeover Competition with PSA & eSpeakers!
21 Aug 2017 VIC|TAS State Meeting - How to Be An Expert
17 Aug 2017 NSW|ACT Event - Wonder You! Referrals, Technology and TED
17 Aug 2017 Platform Professionals Summit August 2017, SYDNEY
15 Aug 2017 QLD | NT Chapter Meeting - Inspire You with the Athlete's Secret Weapon
14 Aug 2017 WA State Meeting - Understanding Media Pathways to Accelerate Your Speaking Profile
01 Aug 2017 Getting to Member Webinar Series No. 3
31 Jul 2017 SA Chapter Meeting - Stand Up to Stand Out
22 Jul 2017 QLD | NT SPECIAL EVENT - Keith Abraham Workshop - SOLD OUT
20 Jul 2017 NSW|ACT Event - Let's Reach for the Moon!
18 Jul 2017 QLD | NT Chapter Meeting - Voicing the Vision
17 Jul 2017 VIC|TAS Chapter Meeting - Can You Be Trusted?
10 Jul 2017 WA State Meeting - Leveraging Social Media for Getting Speaking Gigs
03 Jul 2017 WA Informal Skill Building Session - Members ONLY
01 Jul 2017 SA Members ONLY Workshop with Tim Gard
28 Jun 2017 VIC|TAS Journey To Member Series Event - PSA Members ONLY
27 Jun 2017 SA State Event - Booking More Business, with Lindsay Adams CSP
20 Jun 2017 QLD | NT State Meeting - Influencer, Expert or Invisible?
19 Jun 2017 VIC|TAS State Meeting - Working with the BIG Corporates
15 Jun 2017 NSW|ACT Event - The Power of Words
12 Jun 2017 WA State Meeting - An Evening with Sarah Cordiner
29 May 2017 SA State Event - Behind the Keynote: The Story, the Journey, the Message
16 May 2017 QLD | NT State Meeting - Tribes and Traction with John Driscoll CSP
15 May 2017 VIC|TAS State Meeting - Influencer and Lead Generation Indicator with Jane Anderson CSP
08 May 2017 WA State Meeting - An Evening with Gihan Perera
27 Apr 2017 VIC|TAS State Meeting - Making Money in Your Jammies! With Rebecca Morgan CSP
22 Apr 2017 SA Workshop - Turn Your Passion for Speaking into a Profitable Business
20 Apr 2017 NSW|ACT Event - Making Money in Your Jammies! With Rebecca Morgan CSP
18 Apr 2017 QLD | NT State Meeting - Making Money in Your Jammies! With Rebecca Morgan CSP
10 Apr 2017 SA State Event - Making Money in Your Jammies! With Rebecca Morgan CSP
06 Apr 2017 WA State Meeting - Make Money in Your Jammies! With Rebecca Morgan CSP
06 Apr 2017 VIC|TAS Pop Up - Learnings from Convention
24 Mar 2017 Professional Speakers Australia Convention 2017 - ENERGISE
21 Feb 2017 QLD|NT State Meeting - Creativity is the New Black!
20 Feb 2017 VIC|TAS State Meeting - Making 2017 a Benchmark Year
16 Feb 2017 NSW|ACT Event - An Evening with Darren LaCroix CSP
13 Feb 2017 WA State Meeting - An Evening with Darren LaCroix CSP
19 Jan 2017 NSW|ACT Workshop - Prepare for both Inner and Outer Success!
17 Jan 2017 Tuesday 17th January: Canapés and Creativity - a combined QLD pop-up
13 Jan 2017 Platform Professionals Summit January 2017
12 Dec 2016 WA State Meeting - Six of the Best!
08 Dec 2016 NSW|ACT Event - Cruise Ship Christmas Party
07 Dec 2016 Wed 7th Dec: Combined Pop-Up Speaker Cafe in Brisbane [We're All in One Place!]
21 Nov 2016 Christmas and CSP Panel - VIC|SA|TAS State Meeting
17 Nov 2016 NSW|ACT Event - CSP & Expert Roundtable
15 Nov 2016 Brisbane: "Want to Set-Up Multi-Day, 6 Month or 12 Month Programs and Sell Beyond the Stage? Donna Hanson CSP shows you her inside secrets working with global brands and local companies with Donna Hanson CSP + Develop Your 90 Day Action Plan with Tarran"
25 Oct 2016 Platform Professionals Summit October 2016
24 Oct 2016 PSA WA Special Meeting: Leveraging Your Speaking Business
20 Oct 2016 NSW|ACT Event - Get FREE Publicity and Present with PRESENCE
18 Oct 2016 QLD | NT State Meeting: The Magic of Making Money
17 Oct 2016 Bill James CSP - VIC|SA|TAS State Meeting - Elephants and Ice-Cream
10 Oct 2016 WA State Meeting - The Panel: What's hot and what's not!
27 Sep 2016 September 27: Pop-Up Speaker Cafes in Gold & Sunshine Coasts & Brisbane
22 Sep 2016 Marty Wilson - More Funny, More Money - Perth
20 Sep 2016 Marty Wilson - More Funny, More Money - Melbourne
16 Sep 2016 Marty Wilson - More Funny, More Money - Sydney
01 Sep 2016 Marty Wilson - More Funny, More Money - Brisbane
23 Aug 2016 PSA Webcast - How to Play a Bigger Game, Rowdy McLean CSP
18 Aug 2016 NSW|ACT Speakers Workshop - SuperSIZE the sizzle in your signature story
17 Aug 2016 QLD | NT State Meeting: How to Get More Speaking Business & More Business From Your Speaking
08 Aug 2016 WA State Meeting - Entertainment Secrets for Engaging your Audience
21 Jul 2016 NSW|ACT Event - LinkedIn for Lead Generation & Negotiating for Success
19 Jul 2016 Platform Professionals Summit July 2016
18 Jul 2016 Joe Pane & Mykel Dixon - 2 Big Sessions: VIC|SA|TAS State Meeting
11 Jul 2016 WA State Meeting - Storytelling & Metaphors
05 Jul 2016 Dr Louise Mahler - The Art of Resonating on Stage - Sydney
30 Jun 2016 NSW|ACT: Tales from the Trenches Online - Bill Jennings on Tips for Speakers from an Event Programmer
21 Jun 2016 Dr Louise Mahler - The Art of Resonating on Stage - Brisbane
14 Jun 2016 PSA Webcast - Dan Gregory & Keiran Flanagan; Amplify Your Influence and Success
13 Jun 2016 WA State Meeting - The Magic within the TENTS & Blending with Live Online Learning
01 Jun 2016 Dr Louise Mahler - The Art of Resonating on Stage - Melbourne
19 May 2016 NSW|ACT Event - An Evening of Magic Ps
17 May 2016 "Shoot the Speaker, Get the Gig & Make the Money Talk!" Billy Kirkley & Tarran Deane at Your May 17th QLD | NT Meeting
16 May 2016 Glenn Capelli - VIC|SA|TAS State Meeting - Bounce-Better, Smarter & Wiser
09 May 2016 WA State Meeting - Get more bookings over East and turn your information into products
08 Apr 2016 Professional Speakers Australia Convention 2016
15 Mar 2016 PSA Webcast - How to Lead a Quest
05 Mar 2016 How to Get Paid to Speak - Sydney
05 Mar 2016 How to Get Paid to Speak - Melbourne
05 Mar 2016 How to Get Paid to Speak - Brisbane
05 Mar 2016 How to Get Paid to Speak - Perth
18 Feb 2016 NSW|ACT Event - Sales Simplicity and Getting Bums on Seats
16 Feb 2016 QLD | NT State Meeting: How to Reach, Teach, Speak and Innovate
15 Feb 2016 VIC|SA|TAS State Meeting - A Look Behind the Curtain
08 Feb 2016 WA State Meeting - Keys to Building a World Class Speaking Business
27 Jan 2016 PSA Webcast - 10 Mistakes Speakers Make & How to Avoid Them
15 Jan 2016 Platform Professional Summit January 2016
10 Dec 2015 NSW|ACT Christmas Party - a FUN end to the year!!!
07 Dec 2015 WA Chapter Event - Make 2016 your best speaking year ever!
07 Dec 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Christmas Party Celebration
26 Nov 2015 Special Event: Terry Brock & Gina Carr - Sydney
25 Nov 2015 Special Event: Terry Brock & Gina Carr - Melbourne
23 Nov 2015 Christmas Canapes Celebration & Fill Your Calendar Masterclass
23 Nov 2015 Special Event: Terry Brock & Gina Carr - Brisbane
19 Nov 2015 NSW|ACT Event - Finding More Speaking Opportunities in Turbulent Times
09 Nov 2015 WA Chapter Event - How to Reach, Teach, Speak and Innovate
06 Nov 2015 Special Event: Terry Brock & Gina Carr - Perth
20 Oct 2015 QLDNT Oct 20th Event: Insights, Ideas and Inspiration for Your Professional Speaking Business from CSP Keith Abraham
19 Oct 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Stan Alves - Keynote Master Class
15 Oct 2015 NSW|ACT Event - Speaking to Sell & Delivering a 'Wonderful' Experience to your Audience
12 Oct 2015 WA Chapter Event - Power of Podcasting
18 Sep 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Event/Workshop - Gihan Perera: Twice the Profit, Half the Work
17 Sep 2015 NSW|ACT Event - Dr Rich Allen - Hold Your Audience in the Palm of Your Hand
15 Sep 2015 QLD | NT Sept Event: How to Grow Your International Speaking Engagements
14 Sep 2015 WA Chapter Event - Utilising the Benefits of LinkedIn
20 Aug 2015 NSW|ACT Chapter Event: Lisa McInnes-Smith and Jon Yeo
18 Aug 2015 QLD Chapter Event - Hot August Night International Conference Highlights & Interactive Session on Building Your PSA Competency
17 Aug 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Chapter Event - Lisa McInnes Smith - How to Find, Craft and Deliver Your Unique Stories
10 Aug 2015 WA Chapter Event - How to Tell Stories and Deliver More Engaging Presentations
21 Jul 2015 QLD Chapter Webinar Event: Automate Your Online Lead Generation and Marketing
20 Jul 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Chapter Event - The Art and Science of Behaviour Change
16 Jul 2015 NSW|ACT Chapter Event: Finding Your Niche Within the Niche
13 Jul 2015 WA Chapter Event - Protecting your Speaking Brand and Intellectual Property
06 Jul 2015 Platform Professional Summit July 2015
24 Jun 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Special Event: A Day of Stagecraft with Clinton Swaine
20 Jun 2015 NSW|ACT Special Event: A Day of Stagecraft with Clinton Swaine
18 Jun 2015 NSW|ACT Chapter Event: Building Relationships and Sales
16 Jun 2015 QLD Chapter Event - Taki Moore presents The Perfect Prospect Pipeline & Webinar Selling Crash Course
15 Jun 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Chapter Event - Steve Simpson
11 Jun 2015 VIP Past QLD|NT Presidents & CSP Dinner ~ Invitation Only
08 Jun 2015 WA Chapter Event - Creating and Marketing your Speaking Brand
24 May 2015 Tasmania Event - Improve Your Story Telling with Max Walker and Bernadette Black
21 May 2015 NSW|ACT Chapter Event: Keeping Your Keynote Fresh & Fantastic Facilitations
19 May 2015 QLD Chapter Event - Speaker Marketing & Money Making Tactics
18 May 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Event - The New Rules of Speaking
11 May 2015 WA Chapter Event - Keeping Your Speaking Diary Full
30 Apr 2015 NSW Past President's Dinner (Private, invite only)
24 Apr 2015 NSAA Webcast - Technology Tools, Tips and Traps
21 Apr 2015 QLD Chapter Event With a Difference!
20 Apr 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Event - Seeing Things Differently - Eilidh Milnes
16 Apr 2015 NSW|ACT Chapter Event: How to Create a Million Dollar Speech & Sensational Storytelling
13 Apr 2015 WA Chapter Event - Grow Your Business, Grow Your Profits
27 Mar 2015 Platform Professionals Summit
27 Mar 2015 NSAA Convention 2015 - Capital Convention
17 Mar 2015 QLD Chapter Event - Trademarks, Intellectual Property
16 Mar 2015 VIC|SA|TAS Event - Get More Money With Fewer Customers
09 Mar 2015 WA Chapter Event - Fit, Fast & Focused
19 Feb 2015 NSW|ACT Chapter Event: Memorising 40-minute Speeches + Who will buy your thought leadership?
17 Feb 2015 QLD Chapter Event - How You Can Slay the Giants
16 Feb 2015 VIC|SA|TAS Event - Find your unique voice with Tania de Jong AM
09 Feb 2015 WA Chapter Event - Establishing or Growing a Speaking Business
29 Jan 2015 NSW|ACT Chapter Event & NSAA SGM - Surefire Ways to Guarantee Your Best Year Yet!
20 Jan 2015 QLD Chapter Event - High Tea in January
10 Dec 2014 NSAA NSW Christmas Function
20 Nov 2014 NSW|ACT Chapter Event - CSP Roundtable
18 Nov 2014 QLD Chapter Event - Make 2015 YOUR Best Year Ever!
17 Nov 2014 VIC|TAS Chapter Event - Panel Event
11 Nov 2014 WA Chapter Event - Marketing You and Your Product
20 Oct 2014 VIC|TAS Chapter Event - Author Your Way to Speaking Success
16 Oct 2014 NSW|ACT Chapter Event - Your Most Important Speaking Tool - Your Voice!
14 Oct 2014 WA Chapter Event - How To Build A Tribe Around Your Speaking Business
18 Sep 2014 NSW|ACT Chapter Event - The Secrets of Selling to Top Tier Corporations
16 Sep 2014 QLD Chapter Event - So, you want to present at TEDx?
15 Sep 2014 VIC|TAS Chapter Event - Thought Leadership
09 Sep 2014 WA Chapter Event - Humane Presentations