WA Event - The Long and the Short

  • 09 Aug 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 9:15 PM (WAST)
  • Kailis Bros, 101 Oxford Street, Leederville


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Speaking is the art of bringing the culmination of your knowledge, wisdom and experience. Each talk therefore is the culmination of small sections or vignettes. How do you make sure each vignette counts? In a short attention span world, how do we keep audiences or stakeholders engaged throughout your presentation?

That's the power of the short talk, each combining to make longer or agile talk topics.

We will be working via Zoom with Jon Yeo, TEDxMelbourne Licensee and Curator to unpack the short talk. Jon is also the National President of Professional Speakers Australia.

Learn how to:

  • Create compelling talk segments that stand alone or combine for longer talks
  • Understand the psychology that combines knowledge and influence
  • What makes a great TEDx Talk
  • How to use the vignette model in training and facilitation
  • Share your message or brand in a meaningful and engaging way

About Jon Yeo

Jon Yeo is the National President of PSA, a professional speaker & speaker coach and volunteer licensee of TEDxMelbourne (since 2009). Over that time he has developed his own speaking practice and leads 35+ volunteers to produce large annual events and very popular virtual events.

PART 2 of the Evening will be a panel discussion featuring Jon Yeo, Amanda Lambros CSP and Lisa Evans CSP.

The panel discussion theme is the integration of the skills used in short format speaking into delivering Keynote Speeches.  All panellists have been TEDx Speakers and are Keynote speakers who will share their wisdom and insight into the varying speaking formats and the flexibility required in the new world.

Event Details (note new format)

6.00pm  dinner (at your own cost) at reserved PSA tables at Kailis Bros

(Please note: dinner is not included in the registration fee)

6.45pm  Registration Opens

7.00pm  Meeting begins: Introduction and Welcome

7.10pm  PSA National Update - Jon Yeo
7.25pm  The Long and short of it - Jon Yeo

7.55pm  Networking and refreshment break

8.10pm  Panel Discussion - Jon Yeo, Amanda Lambros CSP and Lisa Evans CSP

8.50pm  Wrap up and announcements

9.00pm  Close

PSA’s Values in Action Policy applies to this Event

The Chapter leadership is working hard at creating a series of exciting and dynamic events. If you, our members, have any suggestions for speakers or topics for our monthly events – please reach out to the chapter leadership of Rael Bricker CSP, Shirley Anne Fortina CSP, Jani Murphy CSP and Lauren Hancock

FREE PARKING! At 6pm the Kailis staff parking is opened to patrons of Kailis


A key aspect of PSA Membership is the 8 core competencies. At each event we ensure that the content is aligned with one or more of these competencies.  

Each Event will have some emphasis on 

Competency 1 – Professional Awareness

Competency 2 – Professional Relationships

This  Event specifically aligns with:

Competency 7 – Sales and Marketing

Competency 8 - Managing the Business

As a chapter leadership team, we also align all our events with or theme for the year. This is to concentrate on three areas in our speaking business.

The overarching theme is Building Connections for Tangible Growth. There are three elements

The Business of Delivery

This deals with the skills  of delivery techniques AND your health as if you are not healthy then this affects your ability to deliver as a professional.

The Business of Content

This deals with all aspects of creating and delivering fresh professional content and enhancing the client experience in dealing with PSA members

The Business of Leverage

Leverage allows us all to grow our businesses from marketing to sales to repackaging content