WA Event - Draw Your Success

  • 14 Jun 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 9:15 PM (UTC+08:00)
  • Kailis Bros, 101 Oxford Street, Leederville


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Note: New venue and format

What is Visual Facilitation and Collaboration?

Visualisation is using pictures, icons and text to convey visual concepts, create striking posters, and facilitate workshops and effective meetings

What is this session about?

In this bite sized session Samantha Guy and Danny Low will join us via Zoom and help you build your visual facilitation toolkit.  Using a few simple visualisation tools can help you communicate efficiently, facilitate memorable conversations, solve problems and create solutions with your colleagues and stakeholders; unlocking you and your teams’ awesome creativity.

But I can’t draw!

No drawings skills required. The stick figures and icons we teach can be learned by anyone.

How will drawing help me with my work?

Visualisation will help you with:

  • Collaboration - Ideas on how to use visual facilitation to increase engagement and participation in your work
  • Visual note taking - Beginning skills in creating visual diagrams & maps, graphic organisers to capture information and make it more memorable
  • Templates - Takeaway some ready-to-use templates/canvases to impress your colleagues at your next meeting or workshop
  • Icons - A few basic icons that you can use in your notebook, flipcharts or whiteboards

Samantha Guy is a Business Change Manager and Visual Facilitation Trainer. She works in organisations, bringing together people to solve problems, design solutions and implement change. She is passionate about creating ‘visual change’; using visualisation to work and solve problems collaboratively.

With experience in a wide variety of settings including management consulting, and primary and tertiary education, Sam’s focus is working with leaders and teams using visual language as a tool to promote collaboration, engagement, solution design and delivery.

Sam lives with her family in Brisbane. 

Danny Low is a Certified Professional Scrum Master, Agile Team Facilitator and Visual Facilitation Trainer who is a strong believer in using visual language to capture and convey meaning.  He uses visualisation as a powerful way to engage Team Members and Stakeholders in his work.

Danny enjoys Snow Skiing, Mountain Biking and Travelling.  In his spare time, he instructs in Kung Fu / Tai Chi and coaches Junior Rugby Union Teams. 

He lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Event Details (note new format)

6.00pm  Meet for dinner at the restaurant if you're free

(Please note: dinner is not included in the registration fee)

6.45pm  Registration Opens

7.00pm  Meeting begins: Visual Friends with Samantha and Danny

8.00pm  Dessert, tea and coffee

8.15pm  Session 2 - Practice, Practice, Practice

9.05pm  Wrap up and announcements

9.15pm  Close

FREE PARKING! At 6pm the Kailis staff parking is opened to patrons of Kailis


A key aspect of PSA Membership is the 8 core competencies. At each event we ensure that the content is aligned with one or more of these competencies.  

Each Event will have some emphasis on 

Competency 1 – Professional Awareness

Competency 2 – Professional Relationships

This  Event specifically aligns with Competency 5 – Presenting and Performing.

As a chapter leadership team, we also align all our events with or theme for the year. This is to concentrate on three areas in our speaking business.

The overarching theme is Building Connections for Tangible Growth. There are three elements

The Business of Delivery

This deals with the skills  of delivery techniques AND your health as if you are not healthy then this affects your ability to deliver as a professional.

The Business of Content

This deals with all aspects of creating and delivering fresh professional content and enhancing the client experience in dealing with PSA members

The Business of Leverage

Leverage allows us all to grow our businesses from marketing to sales to repackaging content