VIC|TAS Event - Level Up

  • 19 Apr 2021
  • 5:45 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Amora Riverwalk Hotel Melbourne, 649 Bridge Rd, Richmond


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Kate Engler ... Become a media magnet:  How to give your professional business the media exposure or publicity it deserves.

Kate is referred to by several Fairfax journos as the PR ANTI-CHRIST because she’s NOT your normal type of PR agency and actually doesn’t want you as a client!

Instead, Kate shares the media secrets she’s gathered over her 30 year career and puts the power of free media coverage in the hands of entrepreneurs from all over the country.

Her Meet The Press MasterClasses are highly regarded by journalists who rely on her to deliver a juicy cohort of entrepreneurs, experts and business owners to them several times per year - enabling them to feature these people in their programs and publications.

She is irreverent, real, highly knowledgeable and determined to make a powerful, positive difference in the lives of the business owners she meets.

We know you’ll not only enjoy hearing from her, you’ll experience many light bulb moments too that just might change your business.


  • Why pay to be in the paper when journos want you for free?
  • Find out where journos hang out looking for experts so you can get amongst it
  • Understand the biggest mistake professional speakers and business owners make when approaching a journo (and how to avoid it)
  • Why unpaid media coverage for your business is so much more powerful than advertising
  • Discover your own unique media angle
  • Uncover the one thing that will grab the journos attention

Rik Schnabel... Words of Wealth – How your keynotes can put money where your mouth is!!

What does it take to go from financially floundering to making annual incomes in hours?

Rik Schnabel was born to fearful, post-war immigrants who taught him the poverty cycle. Poverty would create a life of hardship, insecurity, violence and drama caused by perpetual money-issues. Until, at 40, Rik untrained his brain and broke the poverty cycle and made millions.

Rik has turned untraining his clients’ patterns and programs into a string of success stories. Since 2002, and with over 29,000 brain untraining hours, Rik has been helping average people to get beyond average by untraining their brain. If you want more from your life, you need to undo your neurological programs from driving you and your behaviours.

He is also a multi-best-selling author of five books, including: “The Power of Beliefs,” “The Secrets to Creating a Life Beyond Limits,” “ROAR! Courage,” “The Life Coach Millionaires,” and “A Richer Way to Think.”

During COVID-19, he showed thousands of people how to pivot and start selling their content online.


  • Why professional speakers are standing at the base of a mountain of gold.
  • Why the online course market that generated 188 billion in 2020 is projected to almost double to 320 billion in 2025.
  • How gaining just 0.001% of the 2025 online market equates to US$3.2 million annually.
  • Content is King. How one book gave me years of speaking content and made me several million dollars.
  • When you need to give away your “What” and sell your “How.”
  • How to monetise your content and automate it.
  • Why 80 percent of your success is in your title.
  • When paid speaking is inferior to speaking to sell.
  • Ten steps to create your own Income Incubator – and why you should

Event Details:

5:45pm Arrival and registration
6:00pm Finger food service
6:30pm CSP in the Spotlight
6:50pm Speaker 1 Presentation
7:45pm Dessert and Coffee
:00pm Speaker 2 Presentation
8:45-9pm Evening Concludes Networking in the bar