PSA 2021 Annual General Meeting

  • 14 Mar 2021
  • 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
  • Online


Members are invited to participate in the 2021 Annual General Meeting which will be delivered for the first time as an online event. 

Agenda - 2021 Annual General Meeting

Online via Zoom for PSA members wherever you are

To Be Held on Sunday, March 14th, 2021 commencing at 9.45am AEDT


  1. Opening and welcome
  2. Confirmation of quorum and proxies
  3. Confirm 2020 AGM Minutes
  4. President Report
    Receive the President’s Report for the year 2020 Post PSAConvention20 – to PSAConvention21, together with statements and reports of directors.
  5. Treasurer Report
    Present the Audited Annual Financial Report of the Company for the last financial year, being the 2020 Calendar year.
  6. 2021 PSA Board
    Confirm the appointment of the PSA Board Directors and officers for 2021.  
  7. Confirm Appointment of Auditor
    Confirm the reappointment of KMB Business Advisors as the PSA Auditor. (NB. Confirmation of willingness to act received from KMB Business Advisors 25 January 2021.)
  8. Consideration of Resolution to change the PSA Constitution
    Correct historical inaccuracies in the PSA Constitution. 
  9. Consideration of Resolution to change the PSA Constitution as it relates to CSP Emeritus – Section 8.3 (c) (vi)
    Consider the proposal to change the post-nominal of “Certified Speaking Professional Emeritus (CSP Emeritus)” to “Certified Speaking Professional Retired (CSP(Ret.))” in Section 8.3 (c)(vi) and wherever it appears. 
  10. Consideration of Resolution to change the PSA Constitution as it relates to Composition of the Board – Section 1.1 and Section 18.2
    Consider the proposal to recognise the term “Immediate Past President” in Section 1.1 and to include the Immediate Past President as a non-voting member of the PSA Board in Section 18.2. 
  11. General business
  12. Close


When you register to attend, you will receive a confirmation email and closer to the date we will provide you with information on how to join the meeting.