Platform Professionals™ Summit ONLINE

  • 13 Aug 2020
  • 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Virtual Meeting - Webinar


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Speaking in the

Decade of Disruption

Hopefully, COVID-19 will be the biggest disruption of the decade - but the futurists among us will tell you it certainly won't be the last! During this Summit, we will look at what we need to do today to look back from 2030 and say, "Wow, that decade was amazing!"


The outlook 

The speaking industry forever changed on Friday the 13th of March, 2020. We will begin our Summit by looking into our crystal ball with the help of Tim Longhurst CSP, who will paint a picture of what the next 10 years will look like. We will then break out into small groups and discuss how we can meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of this decade as speaking professionals.

External mechanics

Digital delivery is almost certainly here to stay, even after restrictions are fully lifted. In this session, we will explore audio and video equipment and software as well as apps and techniques to ensure engagement.

Warrick Merry, CSP (and a child at heart) will facilitate a Show and Tell and then a Choose Your Own Adventure. We will talk to those within our group who have explored (and some mastered) the latest technology to help us do what we do virtually. They will answer your burning questions about the ATEM Mini, OBS, Manycam, EpocCam, the difference between the SmartLav and Wireless Go, as well as how to use the myriad of software solutions to help us engage with our audience. 


The field has just gotten noisier, post COVID. It seems everyone has started a podcast and now that the world is comfortable with Zoom anyone can be a 'speaker'. So how do we stand out? We will explore what's working in this New Normal as well as what's not and what might in the future. 

Internal mechanics

We have needed a lot of resilience, ingenuity and innovation over the last few months and will need a lot more in the years to come. In this session, Jacqueline Nagle, CSP will share her amazing stories of resilience and guide us through a practical framework we can use to build our foundational strength for this Decade of Disruption.

'Fun facts' not many know about Jacqueline:

  • 9/11 - She was very heavily involved in the Travel Industry, Ansett preferred
  • GFC - She held a Senior Leadership role in a stock exchange listed Recruitment Company
  • A California Gag Order plunged her business into receivership and a media firestorm
  • She was wrongly and very publicly blamed for the death of her 2IC in Regional Queensland
  • She lost her marriage and family home

And recovered from all of it using the framework she'll be teaching us.

NOTE: Platform Professionals™ events are open to speakers who have achieved the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation or earn in excess of $300,000 in speaking related revenue in the past 12 months (this must be substantiated by a statutory declaration provided by PSA). If you are not a CSP please contact or 1300 739 993 regarding registering and complete an Eligibility Statutory Declaration and email to when you register to attend.

Enquiries to or 1300 739 993

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