Platform Professionals™ Summit July 2019, Sydney

  • 18 Jul 2019
  • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Adina Apartment Hotel Darling Harbour, 55 Shelley St King Street Wharf, Sydney


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Leveraging: Get Lots Back For Less Effort!

Eligible attendees* are invited to attend the July Platform Profesisonals in Sydney. At this fantastic meeting of Platform Professionalswe will be focusing on one little used but very highly profitable business strategy… the power of leveraging. Very simply, this is where you apply a little bit of extra business dynamics to the sweet spots in your business to produce explosive results!

Archimedes had it right when he said, “Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth.”

Whether you know it or not, there are three sweet spots in your speaking business right now that are just aching for those little bits of leverage. We have the lever, we have the place to stand and our experts are ready to share the approach with you for earth shattering results! They will show you where to leverage (the sweet spot), how to leverage (the little bit of effort) and harvest the almost unbelievable results you can achieve.

First off, Lisa McInnes-Smith CSP will help you leverage from your life experience stories, episodes and incidents that are probably far better than any of those you are currently using that will emblazon themselves on the minds of your audiences and be remembered in decades to come. They are there, buried deep in your psyche right now. Your stories just have to be leveraged for success!

And what is it that makes presentations soar into the stratosphere? It’s when you get to work with great humour, the humour that you have buried within you that you just have to learn to relax and let tumble out. Nobody is naturally funny but some are better at leveraging what they’ve got. Marty Wilson CSP will be sharing his insights on how to improve ANY keynote using foolproof funny, as he says, More Funny, More Money!  Lisa will then facilitate a workshop session where you will take insights from both Marty and Lisa to work on how to make your material funnier, much funnier.  Find out how to get those belly aches of laughter and gusts of humour you’ve always craved!

Then, using a formula that has successfully sold everything from books to high-rise apartment buildings, brilliant international brand strategist, Brad Hauck, plus our National President Russell Pearson will share secrets on marketing success that has developed their businesses so successfully. Discover how to turn your brand into a radiant beacon that lights an irresistible path to you and your products and becomes the framework for your online marketing.

You’ll love this great new location, and the opportunity to get together with your PSA colleagues and share how each of us can get lots back for less effort. Naturally morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch is included.  Plus we invite you to stay on for the NSW Chapter meeting at night (it’s a short 10 minute walk) - you can book for the NSW Chapter meeting here

The Adina will offer you 10% off their best available rate as a PPS attendee. Call them direct (02 9249 7000), or use the promo code SAVE10 on their website - you can book online now!

These sessions AREN’T recorded, so you need to be there live.

    Enquiries to or 1300 739 993

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    *Eligibility to attend PPS: Have achieved the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation or earn in excess of $300,000 in speaking related revenue in the past 12 months (this must be substantiated by a statutory declaration provided by PSA).

    If you are not a CSP please complete an Eligibility Statutory Declaration and email to when you register to attend.