SA Event - 12 November 2019

  • 12 Nov 2019
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+10:30)
  • Sage Hotel, 208 South Terrace, Adelaide


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  • Early Bird discount closes Tuesday 5 November
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Join us this month for two great speakers!

Getting More Speaking Gigs – Why only SOME speakers find success -  Dave Staughton CSP

The market for speakers and experts has never been so competitive. There are now more than ten thousand paid speakers in Australia. We are also awash with FREE Speakers and information online. So how do you get to speak on huge platforms and earn the big bucks?

In this highly interactive session Dave will cover:

  • The DOs and DON’Ts of getting booked by Speaker Bureaus
  • Less is More - transitioning from Workshops to Keynotes
  • Perfect Positioning - Picking the right topics at the right time
  • Practice Pays! – Nobody ever learnt to speak at a seminar
  • What to Avoid - The biggest speaker mistakes I ever made

About Dave Staughton

Dave Staughton CSP CCEO is a business guru and speaking legend. Dave was awarded the 2017 PSA Nevin Award, he’s been on the PSA Board and twice been convenor of the PSA Convention. He knows a LOT of speakers and many things about the business of speaking.

For the last eight years he has been helping and advising ICMI – the biggest speakers bureau in Australia. Recently he has been working on their talent development strategy and analysed the secrets of thousands of successful and starving speakers. 

Dave’s best mate is Scott Pape, the Barefoot Investor. Scott knows how to write best-selling books and build a powerhouse brand. Dave learned a lot from Scott.

If you come along to this session he promises NOT to show his 175 slides of the most awesome and amazing stuff for speakers. Dave will however share his biggest mistakes and regrets - he has spent TONS of money on speaker development and implemented BUGGER ALL.  

He will also tell you some great stories and reveal just a FEW key things you should do and stop doing if you want to be a more successful speaker.  You can even ask him LOTS of questions and he will probably be very blunt and outspoken. Some people might even CRY.

Where are all the Women? - Donny Walford 

Speaking in a leadership role or as a professional speaker requires courage, the ability to take risks, and the capacity to ask for the help.   How do we be brilliant?  How do we succeed?  As an inspired and successful Speaker, Blogger and entrepreneur, Donny Walford knows what it takes to succeed.  You need

  • resilience, passion and determination to keep going even when the going gets tough
  • a business model that is recession proof 
  • fees and pricing commensurate with the value of your service or model
  • an experienced mentor to guide you and navigate your weak points

In this session Donny will guide you through some of the ways you can build yourself, your profile and your success. 

About Donny Walford 

Donny is an inspirational Public Speaker and Blogger. Donny is also the founder and Director of national businesses Bottomline and Behind Closed Doors.  With a background across executive and senior management levels in banking, finance and human resources spanning 30 years, Donny know what it takes to back yourself and succeed. 

Donny encourages us to be tough, understand the business we are in and be prepared to back our values. Passionate about business and economic development in Australia, Donny committed to improving diversity of skill sets, cultures and backgrounds in executive and on boards across Australia.

Donny's journey is inspiring, and the tips she can give you as a mentor to many speakers and businesses will propel your speaking business forward. 


Gary Edwards is an influence coach, MC and keynote speaker. With a background as a lawyer and a magician, he knows how to help leaders create conversations that get results. And, entertain as an MC.

At a Glance:

5.30 - Registration Opens - Connect with Speaker buddies in the bar or patio

6:00 - Meeting starts including Special Announcements

6.15 - Speaker 1 - Donny Walford

7:10 - Dinner

7:40 - Speaker 2 - Dave Staughton CSP

8:55 - Wrap up, next steps & conclusion

9:00 - The after party in the bar