SA Event - PSA Convention 2019 Highlights

  • 09 Apr 2019
  • 5:45 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+09:30)
  • Sage Hotel, 208 South Terrace, Adelaide


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  • Early Bird discount closes Tuesday 2 April
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with Gary Edwards, Liana Taylor and Kate Burr

2019 Convention showcased some of the best of the best in Australian speaker talent, with a focus on "You are the message"

Come and hear the main highlights, and gain a myriad of practical tools that could transform your speaking career.

Stunning Keynotes with Gary Edwards

The magical Gary Edwards will share some of the information presented at the conference, and then deconstruct the very different processes that each of the extraordinary Keynote speakers used.  From  Chris Riddell,  Chris Hedler, Tim Longhurst, Travis Bell, Samantha Gash, Lyndsay Adams, Nils Vesk, Kirryn Zerna and many more. 

You can see what model they are using, and which fits your style, message and audience.   And you can learn to make your own style come alive on stage.

Gaining Media & Using Video with Liana Taylor

The lyrical Liana Taylor will share specific tips about how you can engage the media, and use short video clips to turbo charge your speaking career.   You will learn:

  • how to promote yourself for media attention
  • how get the media to notice you
  • what you need to do, to make it easy for journalists to want to contact you
  • how short video's can transform your profile
  • which 6 videos you need to make

More Funny More Money with Kate Burr 

The illustrious and funny Kate Burr will share the core aspects of her workshop and help you create some funny to put into your existing and future speeches. 

Whether you are just starting out as a Professional Speaker,  aspire to be one, or want to expand your influence further, this is your opportunity to:

  • Avoid the mistakes that the leaders in the field have all made before
  • Sleep at night knowing you have great direction
  • Fast track to building your speaking career
  • learn what to do to enhance your game

You will also:

  • Develop strategic relationships with your colleagues
  • Continue your pathway to success as a speaker
  • Keep connected to a like-minded community
  • Enjoy the broader benefits of PSA membership

Step into further success in your speaking career, your life and your legacy, and BOOK NOW

NB. PLEASE ARRIVE by 5.45, we will start the workshop at 6pm (before dinner)


GARY EDWARDS, Former SA President PSA (Twice) Influence Expert
Gary is a keynote speaker and communication coach who shows leaders, speakers, sales people and entrepreneurs how to clarify their message, simplify their delivery and be more influential every time they speak.

Gary is known for his ability to help people unpack what they want to talk about, get clear on their message, and use models and frameworks to deliver that message confidently and effectively. His clients include international speakers and comedians, business executives, government departments and private companies of all sizes.

Gary is a long time professional member of PSA, a former national board member and a two-time SA Chapter President who is dedicated to helping clients and colleagues realise their speaking potential.


Liana is an International keynote speaker, Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness expert.  She is passionate about helping professionals, leaders, managers, and speakers to envision what is possible, and develop the calmness and clarity and inspiration to create it.   

Liana is known for her capacity to synthesise information from diverse sources, draw out the essence, and communicate what is relevant and practically useful to others.  Informed by her expertise as Clinical Psychologist, NLP master practitioner and mindfulness teacher Liana's background as a mountain hiker, tango dancer and musician create the baseline of her presentations. 

Liana has worked and studied across 5 continents, with the Dalai Lama, Jack Canfield, Jon Kabat Zinn, Matt Church, Keith Abraham, Dan Priestly, Glen Carlson.   Liana taught at the Free Black University in Sth Africa with NLP expert Chris Howard, and worked for a year with Roger Hamilton.  Founder of the Australian institute of Applied Mindfulness, she is author of “Stop Going crazy: it’s not good for you and seriously not fun”, and the soon to be released book: "Mindfulness: How to access your inner wisdom in 9 simple steps,".    

Liana is  keen to help you create the vision, clarity, wisdom and know-how to lead yourself in your speaking career.

KATE BURR, Entertain, Engage, Influence

Kate Burr is a Humour Coach who helps people to be funny on purpose. With over 15 years of experience as a Stand Up Comedian, MC & Professional Speaker, Kate brings her extensive knowledge and skills to teach Speakers, Leaders and Business Owners how to use humour effectively.

Rather than just telling a joke to make people laugh, Kate focuses on using humour with purpose to support your key messages, brand and personality.

Creator of the FUNNY ON PURPOSE Method, Kate has “left-brained” comedy by adding her own templates, checklists, laugh data and reference maps methodology which she uses to help teach humour and comedy to others.

Kate offers a range of workshops, coaching and training programs that can help you use humour to engage and influence your audience, team, prospects, clients and customers.

In business, the primary reason for humour isn’t laughter, it’s engagement - as better engaged prospects, clients, teams and audiences leads to better performance and results.

Kate teaches you to use humour in a way that helps you be confident, funny and engaging while creating a fantastic experience for your audience!

At a Glance:

5.30 - Registration Opens - Connect with Speaker buddies in the bar or patio

6:00 - Meeting starts including Special Announcements

6.10 - Speaker 1 - Gary Edwards

6.50 - Dinner

7:20 - Speaker 2 - Liana Taylor

8.00 - Speaker 3 - Kate Burr

8:55 - Wrap up, next steps & conclusion

9:00 - The after party in the bar