SA Event - February 12th 2019

  • 12 Feb 2019
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+10:30)
  • Sage Hotel, 208 South Terrace, Adelaide


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  • Early Bird discount closes Tuesday 5 February
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Join us this month for a fantastic evening with Lee Knowles and Peter Dempsey

PSA Emerging Speaker


Discover how to find your Stroke of Genius.

Peter Dempsey is a remarkable young man who has been forced to overcome incredible adversity. He is by anyone’s definition a walking, talking miracle.

Peter’s powerful story will not only hold you spellbound -  it will reveal the resilience you will need to develop in order to win in the hyper competitive speaking world.

Peter’s story of resilience and courage is inspiring audiences of all ages to adopt his never give up attitude and to face the challenges of life with a new resolve and inner belief in their own abilities.

Peter will share how he has emerged from being labelled as South Australia’s most bullied boy, and is moving toward becoming one of the country’s most inspirational keynote speakers.

Chances are you’ve never met anyone like Peter before and its unlikely that you ever will. He has worked tirelessly over the past four years with mentors to design a world class presentation that allows him to get paid to share his incredible story with others.

By listening to Peter’s story, you will learn:

  • The key’s to crafting a great keynote
  • How to leverage your own story to educate and entertain in equal measure.
  • The value of working with mentors
  • What your unique gifts are and how to exploit them.
  • The work required to build a keynote people will buy.

If you want to be inspired to take your speaking to the next level, this presentation is sure to give you the springboard you need to make 2019 a breakout year.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see one of Australia’s best young speakers in action.

About Peter Dempsey

Peter Dempsey is a walking, talking miracle.  He is an engaging, entertaining and totally riveting motivational speaker.  Peter’s remarkable story of resilience strikes a chord with audiences of all ages and delivers an unforgettable message about the power of the human spirit and what’s truly possible in life.

Guest Speaker


How to create pictures that speak a thousand words. 

Lee Knowles is fine art portrait and commercial photographer, and owner of professional portrait specialist service.  He grew up watching his grandfather who always had his camera by his side capturing moments among family and friends. He was inspired by what we learn through watching others.

Lee knows the most powerful photos feel natural and organic.  He also believes the best photographs are developed through our connection to each other, our goals and values. 

Sparking his love for photography was shooting a  spectrum of live music performances as a freelancer for several review magazines including Laura Marling, The John Butler Trio, the Cat Empire, Snoopdog, Arrested Development and INXS.

"Front of stage is an exciting place to be at the best of times but for a photographer with camera in hand, I am in my element"

Lee has taken his love for music, being real, and his interest in people, to develop his photography into an art form.   

He has created professional portfolios for industry professionals such as models, actors, musicians and performing artists,  the building sector, law and financial industries, and some of Adelaide's top companies providing them with quality commercial and headshot photography.   

He understands how important first impressions are in your online presence, and in this presentation he will give you some tips about how you can bring that art into your branding photos.

You will learn how to create photos that:

  • Connect to your story
  • Capture the small details
  • Feel natural and real
  • Speak a thousand words

If you want to be inspired to create an image folio that captures and reflects the deep heart of who you are,  you will really be inspired by this presentation.  

About Lee Knowles

Lee Knowles Photographer.. Surfer.. Human, and 1976 VW Kombi driver!  Operating from his Rundle Mall based studio, The Headshot Creative, Lee shoots a diverse range of works including professional Headshots, creative portraits, commercial advertising, and Art photography commissions, events and performance photography.  

At a Glance:

5.30 - Registration Opens - Connect with Speaker buddies in the bar or patio

6:00 - Meeting starts including Special Announcements

6.15 - PSA Emerging Speaker Peter Dempsey

7:10 - Dinner

7:40 - Guest Speaker: Lee Knowles

8:55 - Wrap up, next steps & conclusion

9:00 - The after party in the bar