QLD | NT Event - Become the 'Go-To' Expert and attract tons of Referrals

  • 19 Nov 2019
  • 5:45 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
  • Brisbane Riverview Hotel, cnr Kingsford Smith Dve and Hunt St, Hamilton
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Session 1: How to be known for what you know - strategies for beoming the 'go-to' expert in your area - with Dr Justin Coulson CSP

Just like dollars are the currency of our economy, attention is the currency of our relationships. A speaker who knows how to build relationships and leverage them wisely will become recognised as a locally famous (and possibly nationally famous) thought-leader. Relationships are the complement to sensational strategy. (Sometimes they are the strategy!)

Watch this short video to see what Dr Justin Coulson has planned:

Key Takeaways: This presentation will give speakers the tools they need to develop great relationships with the right people in media to become the sought-after 'go-to' expert in your area of expertise.

You'll discover:

  • How to make sure you're credible enough for a journo to speak with you
  • How to curate a relationship database that could land you dozens of interviews each week - and why that's not necessarily a good thing
  • How to contact the right person at the right time in the right way about the right thing
  • How to make sure you don't turn on the fire hose
  • The high percentage plays to land tv, press, or radio interviews in mainstream (or niche) media  
  • The biggest media mistakes I've made, and what I'd do differently if I started all over again today

About Dr Justin Coulson CSP

Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia’s most respected and popular parenting authors and speakers. He is sought after for his expertise in family life, relationships, and wellbeing and resilience; and he is the founder of ‘Happy Families’.

Dr Coulson earned his PhD in Positive Psychology. He holds an Honorary Fellowship at the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education in the Centre for Positive Psychology, and he is a Senior Associate at the Positive Psychology Institute.

Dr Coulson has written 5 books, and is a three-time bestselling author. He is an occasional columnist for the New York Times and appears regularly in all of Australia’s major news outlets for television, radio, and print. He’s a TEDx speaker and has worked with many of Australia’s biggest brands including the Commonwealth Bank, Intel Security, ANZ, IHG, and many, many more. He has also served as a consultant to the Australian Government’s Raising Children Network, and the Office of the e-Safety Commissioner, Life Education and others.

Justin not only brings credibility and experience. He is at the coalface of family life. He and his wife Kylie are the parents of six daughters, all of whom have successfully mastered sleeping all night in their own beds, using the bathroom unassisted, eating most of the food on their plates most of the time, and always speaking kindly to one another no matter the circumstances. (Well, maybe there’s still some work to do on that last one.)

Session 2: The Ferrari Method - A Lifetime of 100% Repeat and Referral Business! - with Bruce Sullivan CSP

What if every day the phone rang or the email arrived asking if you were available on a certain date, time, state, country? What if the only time you truly thought about marketing was when you were asked to go and speak to a marketing company? What if you didn’t have to do another proposal or tender and sit and wait to see if you were “lucky enough” to be selected to the next round knowing that you are competing with an ever crowded market place?

As a successful (mostly!) serial entrepreneur Bruce has created an enviable lifestyle, three education companies and a speaking business.  Bruce Sullivan CSP and Keynote Speaker of the Year has built a lifetime of repeat and referral business. In a career spanning over 30 years Bruce has worked extensively at all levels within organisations, in both the  private and public sectors and here in Australia and 16 other countries!

He  believes that so many speaking, training and consulting business fail because they miss the top three reasons a client will buy their service offering… amongst other things!

 “Every person is different, every purchaser is different, every industry is different and every market place is different so everything I will share with you on the night will most likely be wrong… potentially very helpful but most likely wrong!”  

Bruce is inviting us to come along and join in the challenging conversation, a fun presentation and to examine what he believes are the key fundamentals to his “Ferrari Strategy” that has been the secret to his lifetime of ongoing success.

You'll learn:

  • What are the top three questions your client will need answered if you want them to offer you a confident “YES… We Want You!” ?
  • Learn what is the “Ferrari Strategy” and why it works if you want to truly build a 100% repeat and referral business.
  • Why sitting at home and working on your website or business card or logo may not be the most productive use of your time!
About Bruce Sullivan CSP

Bruce is a proven performer in achieving results in people for over 30 years. His practical, hands on experience is based on working with individuals, families, businesses and communities providing education and opportunities for personal improvement.

It is this experience that has given Bruce a unique understanding of our ability to relate to one another in the workplace and at home. This is what sets his work apart and gives a very practical and timely insight into relationships at work and home.

Managing his own businesses since his teens, by age 24 he had established his own million-dollar network of businesses and he has an extended track record of working with a wide range of private and public organisations, both in Australia and overseas.

Bruce Sullivan is a father of two children. Second to his family, his personal passions centre around education and making a positive difference through his work in both business and in the community. His enthusiastic, entertaining and hands-on approach gets long term tangible results and has resulted in 100% of his work being generated from repeat and referral business, which is of course the strongest possible testimony to his skills.

CSP in the Spotlight

You are invited to get up close and personal with our 'CSP in the Spotlight!' This month we welcome to the spotlight the wonderful Steve Francis CSP.

About Steve Francis CSP

Steve Francis CSP has been the Principal of schools, including a one-teacher school, a large metropolitan school and an international school in Hong Kong.  Author of four books aimed at the teaching profession, Steve’s weekly Happy School articles that goes out to 600 subscriber schools boost staff morale and reduce teacher stress. Steve recently launched the SurveyMySchool and SurveyMyClass instruments for school improvement.

Event details:
5.30pm  Registration Opens & Networking in Chester's Bar
6.00pm  Doors Open
6.20pm  Dinner service
6.45pm  Session 1 Commences - with Dr Justin Coulson CSP
7.45pm  Dessert service
8.00pm  Session 2 Commences - with Bruce Sullivan CSP
9.00pm  Event concludes