NSW|ACT Event - Adapt, survive and thrive in a changing speaking world!

  • 21 Nov 2019
  • 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM
  • The Pavilion at Darling Park, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney


  • Register by 15 November
  • Register by 15 November

Registrations close on 20 November. We are not able to accept walk-up bookings on the night.
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You’re warmly invited to our November Chapter event to join speakers Kamal and Kailash Sarma and Amanda Stevens CSP! These stellar speakers will share how they have adapted and shaped their speaking business using successful strategies and how you too can learn to move into a new speaking world!

Captivate the Future – Kamal and Kailash Sarma

The world has changed, so what? Get over it and in front of it.

Change is constant and accelerating, that is our new normal.  So how can we thrive in an uncertain world where everything can alter with a click of a button or a transformation in business models?

We are seeing fundamental shifts in the way we engage with education, our economy and our ecology.  It requires us to adopt a different mindset, acquire new tools and master new skill sets

In this keynote father and son duo Kamal and Kailash Sarma will cover:

  • How to go beyond the idea of a fixed vs growth mindset by developing an evolutionary mindset that anticipate shifts.
  • How to harness and blend the wisdom of the old with the energy of new
  • How we are shifting from the ownership model to the borrowing model and what that means for business, consumers and economies

It would be rare to find someone who can combine these two perspectives.  It requires two different dynamics, working parallel.  This is something Kamal and Kailash can provide. 

  • It is difficult to have the wisdom of experience with the energy of youth.
  • It is hard to combine the power of large corporate with the nimbleness of an entrepreneur.
  • It is a challenge to combine the want for stability with the need to evolve

Can you harness the opposing yet complementary skill sets to navigate the future? By bringing the two worlds together in this keynote, Kamal and Kailash Sarma will show you why you need to Captivate the Future and how to do it.

About Kamal Sarma

Kamal trained as a monk for 6 years before excelling in senior corporate positions.  Now the founder and director of Rezilium – a strategic leadership firm, Kamal delivers customised strategies and presentations for a range of industries. 

Kamal has held executive roles in organizations such as McKinsey & Company, Eli Lilly, St George Bank and AMP Capital Investors. He is an experienced speaker, trainer and the author of 3 books: The international bestseller Mental Resilience: The Power of Clarity – How to develop the focus of a warrior and the peace of a monk. THE LEADERSHIP LEAP- (Un)Learning how to lead, as featured on Google talks.  His most recent book is WinWin Conversations: The Art and Science of Human Connection.

Kamal has co-founded two venture capital businesses in the IT and biotech sectors and is currently is a Chairman of Amicus Digital and the RUOK Thinktank.  He is also co-founder of the Institute for Mental Resilience and was recognized for his peace work between the Chinese and Tibetans in 2008. 

About Kailash Sarma

16-year-old Tedx Speaker, Kailash Sarma endured severe bullying in primary school, an experience that shattered his self-confidence. He discovered the art of public speaking as a way to rebuild himself and his self-esteem.

While he was 15, Kailash founded Academy of Speakers; an organisation that is dedicated to building resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem in children through the art of public speaking. His work has inspired him to investigate ways to help refugees and indigenous youth rediscover their voice and share their stories. Kailash is a published author and has presented to large audiences, including in the Opera House.

Lights, Camera, Action! Unleash the Power of Video Marketing in your Speaking Business

Amanda Stevens CSP, 2018 Keynote Speaker of the Year is coming to our next meeting to take us behind the scenes of how video marketing has been the game-changer for her business. She'll share the 6 videos you need in your business and why she produces 16 showreels a year. 

She'll also share the mechanics of exactly how she uses short-form video and how you can get started on a zero budget. 

About Amanda Stevens CSP

Amanda is known as THE CONSUMER FUTURIST. She's been a professional speaker for over a decade and has spoken at over 1000 conferences in 14 countries. 

She's a former Young Australian of the Year (Career Achievement, NSW) and in 2003 was awarded the prestigious Centenary Medal by the Governor General for Business Innovation. She's the author of 5 books on sales and marketing and is widely regarded as Australia's foremost authority on the Customer Experience and its ability to transform organisations from good to great.


Philip Bendeich

Philip Bendeich provides training courses and coaching in public speaking and presentation through Speak Up @ Work.  A skilled speaker and presentation coach, Philip will be using his talents to bring this spectacular line-up together.

Pre-session: Spotlight on Sarah Morse

Sarah Morse is the recipient of the Kerrie Nairn scholarship. In this talk, Sarah will explain what the scholarship is, what the application process is and how she benefited. Sarah will share a few key learning points from her experience during the year – and hopefully inspire a few applicants from NSW/ACT!

At a Glance:

5.00pm: Registration opens
5.15pm: Spotlight on Sarah Morse; Kerrie Nairn Scholar
5:50pm: Short Break
6.00pm: Formal meeting start with MC Philip Bendeich
6.10pm: Session 1 - Lights, Camera, Action: Amanda Stevens CSP
7.00pm: Dinner and networking break
7.45pm: Session 2 - Captivate the Future: Kamal and Kailash Sarma
8.40pm: Fun group photo with Melinda Hird and evening close