NSW|ACT Event - Storytelling Spectacular

  • 19 Sep 2019
  • 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM
  • The Pavilion at Darling Park, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney


  • Register by 13 September
  • Register by 13 September

Registrations close on 18 September. We are not able to accept walk-up bookings on the night.
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At our September Chapter event we will be drilling deep into the role of stories and how to get those stories sizzling! 

JOHN CARROLL: How the Monkey Told his Tale

John Carroll will take you deep into the African bush on a Mind Safari®, an animal fable experience about a boastful monkey that explores how stories influence us in fundamental ways, and how to use them to create and sell more impactful presentations that will cut through the clutter in today’s speaking world.

What John will share with you:

The antithesis of ‘death by PowerPoint”, John’s presentation will demonstrate and explain:

  • The influence stories have, often sub-consciously, on our life choices, decisions and actions;
  • How to adopt a different, more experiential angle to storytelling;
  • How speakers can use experiential storytelling to create a more impactful customer experience journey for clients and audiences.

About John:

After growing up in war-torn Zimbabwe in southern Africa, John is now a speaker, a widely experienced business leader, a qualified business advisor and company director, and an expert on the critical link between corporate culture, employee engagement, customer engagement and brand. His first book, Purposeful, was published in 2016 and he is a regular contributor to a range of national magazines and online journals. He has appeared on radio and national television and is passionate about people, conservation and wildlife.

LISA EVANS : Put Some Sizzle into Your Stories

Discover how to mine, refine and polish your everyday stories and turn them into keynote material. The ability to captivate, move and inspire others to take action, is what sets apart master storytellers from ordinary speakers. Anyone can tell a story, as it's what we are hard-wired to do, but some stories miss the mark as they lack structure, purpose and effective delivery.

When you know how to put together a compelling story, you will have endless material for your talks that will teach and touch your audience.

When you apply a strategic narrative to your content, you will reach more people and close more sales. Having a standout personal brand requires a signature story that is memorable and repeatable. When people hear a great story, they tell that story to others — a great way to help with your marketing!

You don't have to have rags to riches story to make a great teller. You do need an understanding of the structure of a great story, how to take your audience members on a journey with your characters and dialogue, and how to bring any story to life. Lisa will share with you the 5 C's of Compelling Storytelling so that you can create sizzling stories for your talks.

About Lisa Evans

Lisa Evans is known as The Story Midwife. Lisa is the author of three books, a World Class Speaking and Storytelling Coach, a TEDx speaker coach, media trainer, and improvisation actor. Lisa helps her clients mine, refine and deliver captivating and 'sticky' stories for their business and brand. Whether it is the boardroom, ballroom, platform or podium, she helps them craft powerful presentations with compelling stories that are hard to forget.


Phil Preston

We’re very pleased to welcome former chapter president Phil President as our MC for the evening. Phil Preston is a speaker on Collaboration and brings his speaking and facilitation experience to guide us, as our MC, through a very informative evening.

At a Glance:
5.00pm: Registration opens
5.15pm: Pre-Session Convention Recap by Jenny Cartwright CSP
5:50pm: Short Break
6.00pm: Formal meeting start with Phil Preston
6.15pm:  Session 1 - John Carroll
7.00pm: Dinner and networking break
7.45pm: Session 2 - Lisa Evans
8.35pm: Fun group photo and evening close