NSW|ACT Event - Getting to the Top of Your Game!

  • 15 Aug 2019
  • 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM
  • The Pavilion at Darling Park, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney


  • Register by 9 August
  • Register by 9 August

Registrations close on 14 August. We are not able to accept walk-up bookings on the night.
Registration is closed

At our August Chapter event we will be learning the keys to success: Performing at Your Best Long-Term and Prospects, Positioning and Presentation.

LINDA MURRAY: Performing at Your Best Long-Term

Is there enough fuel in your tank? How do you keep performing at your best long term?

We all know that life is busy. And yet, despite being exhausted, too many people still wear ‘busy’ as a badge of honour!

“Hi, how you are?”

“Yeah good, really busy!”  … sound familiar?

The demands on our time and energy are growing more than ever before. And that will continue to be the case at an ever-increasing rate. As speakers, we need to balance our time and headspace across multiple topic areas and ideas, reading and thinking, designing and delivering, learning and teaching. So, how can you expect to keep showing up without shutting down? We can’t be of service to our audiences if we have nothing left in the tank, right?!

With a healthy obsession with Psychology and Peak Performance, and being known for her abundance of energy, Linda understands how to maximise your performance every day, and do so in a way that is sustainable.

Let Linda share with you:

  • Why energy management is more important that time management
  • Understand how your body works at its best
  • How to design your day to maximise your output, performance and engagement
  • How to recharge so that you can always hit the stage at your best AND have energy left at the end of your work day for what really matters.

About Linda:

Linda Murray has run her own businesses since 22 years old. Armed with qualifications in Psychology, Philosophy and Master of Business Coaching (… plus a few ‘what not to do’ life lessons), Linda has worked out how to get 28 hours worth of life out of each 24 hour day!

As the founder of Athena Leadership Academy, Linda’s focus on trust, connection and courageous leadership. Essentially, she creates:

Careers people love to live

Leaders people want to follow

Cultures people thrive in

RUSSELL PEARSON: Prospects, Positioning and Presentation

No matter what stage of speaking evolution you are in, there are 3 things that successful speakers focus on.

Prospects, Positioning and Presentation are the keys to winning more paid speaking opportunities with less effort.

In this session, Speaker and Brand Strategist, Russell Pearson will share these strategies and more from over 25 years as a marketing and sales professional in competitive spaces.

Working with big brands and world class speakers from around the world, Russell has been the winning secret behind hundreds of successful marketing campaigns and selling systems.

You will learn to:

  • Reduce the effort it takes to attract your ideal clients
  • Discover what it now takes to position you for success
  • How to craft an offer that buyers can say yes to

About Russell:

Russell is an award-winning founder of the Crimson Fox Creative Studios who brings a lifetime of experience in the world of marketing and sales.

In addition to his professional career, Russell is also co-founder of the Awesome Show Leadership podcast and National President of Professional Speakers Australia.


Neil Ross

We’re delighted to welcome Neil Ross as our MC. Neil delivers corporate presentation skills training and will be using his extensive experience as a trainer, speaker and coach to guide us through the evening.

At a Glance:

5.00pm: Registration opens
5.15pm: Pre-Session Signature Stories with Jennifer Leone
5:50pm: Short Break
6.00pm: Formal meeting start with MC, Neil Ross 
6.15pm: Session 1 - Perform at Your Best Long-Term
7.00pm: Dinner and networking break
7.45pm: Session 2 - Prospects, Positioning and Presentation
8.35pm: Fun group photo and evening close