NSW|ACT Event - Speaking without a Safety Net

  • 16 May 2019
  • 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM
  • The Pavilion at Darling Park, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney


  • Register by 10 May
  • Register by 10 May

Registrations close on 15 May. We are not able to accept walk-up bookings on the night.
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whilst Leveraging the Power of YOU!

At our May Chapter event for 2019 you are in for an amazing treat with special guests Dr Louise Mahler CSP and Lance Miller.  Two world-class award-winning speakers who will share their insider secrets with you!

Confidence: High Wire Speaking Without a Net
Dr Louise Mahler CSP

When I came off stage recently someone said to me “That’s like watching a high wire act without a net!!”.  When you are interactive, engaging and using the excitement of comic improvisation in the moment, you have to have confidence.  Audiences need speakers that exude it from every pore, but believe me, getting it is not an accident. 

But what is confidence?  Do you already have it?  If you have lost it, how do you get it back and what do you do if you lose it in the middle of a keynote?

In this workshop we will explore confidence, your level, your techniques and how to apply them.  In this highly interactive session, I will include skills, techniques and my personal secrets for making it happen.  You will leave with a better understanding of yourself, new ways of working and maybe even. . . .  more confidence!!
(OK, we will have a laugh as well)

About Louise

Rarely does one find a powerhouse of academic insight, observational excellence and dynamic delivery to shed new light on a topic that’s critical to us all.  Louise’s inimitable style and deep insight in her field are shared in keynotes and coaching internationally, where high-stake leadership beckons.  A foremost expert in body language, voice and emotion, Louise has a PhD in Business, and degrees and masters in Organisational Psychology as well as Music.

Leveraging the Power of YOU
Lance Miller

Speaking professionally is a great way to make a living -- if you can!  Speaking is a competitive business.  Standing out and being heard above the noise can be challenging and frustrating.

The most successful speakers are authentic and have a good business model.  The power in your speaking and in your business model is YOU.  Lance will share hard-won lessons of “Leveraging the Power of YOU” in his speaking and marketing.  He will share tools he developed to uncover his personal, authentic messages and show you how to Leverage the Power of YOU in his marketing and business model.

About Lance:

Lance’s speeches and seminars have inspired countless individuals and changed their world view. He shares his life experiences, useful tips, and simplifies what it means to become an effective communicator.  Lance Miller earned the World Champion of Public Speaking title in 2005. Through seminars, events, and fun activities, he shares his unique real-world experiences and his distinct brand of direct, effective, and simple teaching style to his audience.

Pre-session: Tom Hobbs 

How to get vibrant  testimonials without YOU saying how great you are.  Learn Tom's simple and fun tool for receiving  testimonials from the audience.

About Tom:

Tom, The Man in the Hat, has had over 30 years' experience in entrepreneurship. His focus is finding areas where businesses can be more productive and successful and then helping them develop the path to get it there.


Philip Bendeich

Philip Bendeich provides training courses and coaching in public speaking and presentation through Speak Up @ Work.  A skilled speaker and presentation coach, Philip is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), the highest award possible from Toastmasters International.

At a Glance:

5.00pm: Registration opens
5.15pm: Pre-session with Tom Hobbs The Man in the Hat
5:50pm: Short Break
6.00pm: Formal meeting start with Philip Bendeich
6.10pm: Session 1 - Dr Louise Mahler CSP "Confidence: High Wire Speaking without a Net"
7.00pm: Dinner and networking break
7.45pm: Session 2 - Lance Miller "Leveraging The Power of YOU"
8.35pm: Fun group photo and evening close