SA Event - Dealing with Narcissists for Fun & Profit!

  • 25 Sep 2018
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+09:30)
  • Sage Hotel, 208 South Terrace, Adelaide
  • 15


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  • Early Bird discount closes Tuesday 18 September
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with Elizabeth Williamson

How to keep your cool and not damage your reputation

As a speaker, you need to manage many relationships successfully, especially relationships with difficult and demanding people.

You can find yourself dealing with narcissistic and volatile personalities, those people who can make your professional life really difficult, and even risk damaging your reputation.

You know the ones... They may include:

  • Clients with unrealistic expectations
  • Audience members who want to take over your presentation
  • Other speakers with a bigger ego than yours!

Why do some people act in this way, what’s their motivation and what are the risks? How do you engage with these people without being sucked into their dramas? How can you deal with them effectively without burning your bridges?

In the first presentation, Elizabeth Williamson will present her keynote:

Dealing with Difficult and Demanding People: Six Steps to Move from Conflict Chaos to Creative Choice

You will learn:

  • How to identify controlling people quickly
  • The secrets to conflict confidence 
  • How to ensure that you don’t get caught up in the drama and confusion that narcissists and other controlling people revel in

You will even have some fun along the way!

In the second presentation, you will hear about:

The Value of a Niche Speaking Product
Gary Edwards will explore with Elizabeth how she built her speaking business by drawing on her expertise to identify a niche subject and utilise current market opportunities. By concentrating on targeting niched audiences and subject matters, Elizabeth has developed brand recognition in a short space of time. In so doing, Elizabeth has created the platform to write regularly for a variety of publications about business culture, family relationships, dealing with difficult people and thinking outside of the square. 

You will gain insights into how you can tailor your speaking business to increase your profitability and, along the way, reach a wider audience. This will be an evening of combining insights, valuable information and exploring the business of speaking.

Elizabeth Williamson

Elizabeth is a respected conflict management and relationship skills specialist with over 30 years’ professional experience as a leadership consultant and nationally accredited mediator.  

Founder of Elizabeth Williamson Solutions, Elizabeth has trained senior managers, team leaders and teams to better manage conflict at work. She has facilitated complex workplace mediations for major banks, retailers, government departments and NGOs. 

Elizabeth is also an accredited mental health social worker, couples and family therapist and helps people to resolve repetitive arguments, repair heartbreak after an affair, or reconnect when busy lives lead to loneliness.

Along the way, Elizabeth has met more than a few narcissists and highly controlling people! People who like conflict. They derail your best intentions and exhaust you in the process. The number of highly controlling people in our community might surprise you, and then again it might not! Elizabeth has taken her personal and professional experiences with narcissists and combined these with her expertise to create a thought-provoking, entertaining presentation, packed with practical information.

At a Glance:

5:30 - Registration Opens - Connect with Speaker buddies in the bar or patio

6:00 - Meeting starts including Special Announcements

6:10 - Mastermind session: Liana Taylor

6:40 - Dinner

7:15 - First Presentation: Elizabeth Williamson

8:15 - Second Presentation: Elizabeth Williamson and Gary Edwards

8.50 - Fun Group Photo

8:55 - Wrap up, next steps & conclusion

9:00 - The after party in the bar