SA Chapter Meeting - Your Roadmap to Speaker Success

  • 30 Jan 2018
  • 5:45 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+10:30)
  • Sage Hotel, 208 South Terrace, Adelaide


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  • Early Bird discount closes Tuesday 23 January
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NOTE: Change of Venue
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with Liana Taylor, Gary Edwards and Sally Curtis

Knowing exactly what next step is most efficient, is vital for all speakers at all levels.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.  Lao Tzu

As we start the new year I’m sure that we are all keen to take our speaking skills and businesses to the next level.

One of the best things about PSA is the amount of great information you get. The hard thing is knowing how it all fits together and what to do next!

So, to start the year off right – and for my first event at the President’s helm – I’d like to give you what neither Gary nor I had early in our careers:  a really clear and achievable Roadmap to your speaking success.

Working together with Sally Curtis, we’ve put together the Professional Speakers Roadmap. Based on our 50+ years of combined experience in speaking, marketing and business, the Roadmap will help you to integrate everything you learn and clearly mark out the next steps for your speaking success through 2018. 

The evening will be a Workshop in two parts:

  • 6pm sharp I’ll introduce the Speakers Roadmap workbook and show you how it works
  • After dinner Gary, Sally and I will lead you through each part of the Roadmap as you work with others on your table about where you are at and what you need to do in the next 30 days and the next 90 days

If you are just starting out as a Professional Speaker,  aspire to be one, or want to expand your influence further, you can - this is your opportunity to:

  • Avoid the mistakes that the leaders in the field have all made before
  • Sleep at night knowing you are on the right path – for you
  • Fast track to building your speaking career

Speakers Roadmap is the perfect vehicle for you if you want to:

  1. learn what to do to develop your business
  2. learn what to do to improve your speaking techniques
  3. be held accountable & maintain momentum step by step through your path

The Speakers Roadmap workbook will help you to decide and plan your next steps on

  • who you are and what your speaking gifts are
  • what your message is – or how to work that out!
  • steps you can take to market and sell yourself in the next 30 days
  • what social media will help you promote your brand
  • what kind of business model you need
  • what speaking skills you need to develop next
  • what resources you can develop now to improve your positioning and add value to your clients

You will also:

  • Develop strategic relationships with your colleagues
  • Develop Friendships
  • Keep on track on your pathway to success as a speaker
  • Keep connected to a like-minded community
  • Enjoy the broader benefits of PSA membership

The Roadmap is intended to be a working document for you during the year. At each PSA meeting this year we will have a pre-dinner Group Mastermind session where we can discuss where you are at, what you’ve done lately and what else you need – so that you can stay accountable and on track through the year.

Step into further success in your speaking career, your life and your legacy, and BOOK NOW

NB. PLEASE ARRIVE by 5.45, we will start the workshop at 6pm (before dinner)



Liana is an International keynote speaker, Mindfulness expert and Clinical Psychologist, passionate about helping health professionals, leaders, managers, and speakers to envision what is possible, and develop the wisdom to create it.   

Liana is a long term professional member of PSA/NSAA, bringing her expertise as Clinical Psychologist, NLP master practitioner and mindfulness teacher, to share with you the greatest learnings in her journey from Expert Professional to successful Professional Speaker. 

Liana has worked and studied across 5 continents, with Jack Canfield, Jon Kabat Zinn, Matt Church, Keith Abrahams, Dan Priestly, Glen Carlson, the Dalai Lama, taught at the Free Black University in Sth Africa with NLP expert Chris Howard, and worked for a year with Roger Hamilton.  Author of “Stop Going crazy: it’s not good for you and seriously not fun”, she’s keen to help you create the vision, clarity and wisdom to lead yourself in your speaking career.

GARY EDWARDS, FORMER SA President PSA (Twice) Influence Expert
Gary is a keynote speaker and communication coach who shows leaders, speakers, sales people and entrepreneurs how to clarify their message, simplify their delivery and be more influential every time they speak.

Gary is known for his ability to help people unpack what they want to talk about, get clear on their message, and use models and frameworks to deliver that message confidently and effectively. His clients include international speakers and comedians, business executives, government departments and private companies of all sizes.

Gary is a long time professional member of PSA, a former national board member and a two-time SA Chapter President who is dedicated to helping clients and colleagues realise their speaking potential.


Sally is a Marketing Problem Solver and Speaker with over 20 years of business development, sales & marketing experience.  She has helped global superstar speakers like Dale Beaumont, Mike Handcock and Dr Joanna Martin grow their businesses.  She has stepped into business when there has been a hiccup, and she has helped local speakers like Katrina Webb and Prabim Gautum fill rooms with people.  She has helped start-ups build from scratch.  And she can help you.

Sally knows all the steps, and who needs what and when.  She knows which personalities and lifestyles work better with which marketing techniques, and she know how to draw out the super hero in you. 

Sally says ...Know this. Every super-hero maker needs her killer marketing strategy, and here’s mine:  Know your next step.