WA Event - Ways to Engage Your Audience

  • 12 Nov 2018
  • 6:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
  • Botanical Room 4, Crown Resort, Great Eastern Highway Perth


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  • Book by Tuesday 6 November 2018

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Come and join Andrew Horabin and Paris Mitchell as they explore audience engagement and share strategies that we can use to be more engaging as speakers and presenters.

Speaker 1: Paris Mitchell

Title: Increase audience engagement through creativity, authenticity and breaking conventions

How can you deliver your message in a more meaningful way and stand out from the crowd?

How can you create an emotional experience that has a lasting impact on your audience?

Motivational speaker, musician and visual artist Paris Mitchell will facilitate an exploration into three ways of increasing engagement with your audience, being:

  • Stimulating your audience through more use of the senses.
  • Bringing more of your true self to your content and delivery.
  • Consciously breaking conventions.

While Paris is still early in his professional speaking business, his success so far has come through applying the above principles. He’ll share what he’s learned and also draw out your own wisdom and ideas so you can increase the audience’s engagement by enhancing your own. 

About Paris Mitchell

Paris Mitchell is a Perth based Motivational Speaker.

He has spoken and performed to over 30,000 people across Australia and in several continents and has delivered his presentations in a variety of organisations, including at conferences, in universities, government departments, corporations, mining companies and high schools.

He has also been featured and given commentary in the West Australian, Channel 9, Business News and an array of other media outlets.


Speaker 2: Andrew Horabin

Title:  Increase Your Engagement Through Humour (Even If You’re Not Particularly Funny)

Andrew Horabin (from The Bullshift Company) is a professional speaker, facilitator and comedian with 25 years experience working across Australia and overseas. In this session, we’ll explore together how to increase the humour in your presentations and workshops even if you’re not much of a comedian yourself.

About Andrew Horabin

Andrew Horabin is a professional speaker, facilitator, author, comedian, award-winning singer/songwriter and creator of the hugely successful “Mick the Demotivational Speaker”. 

Over 25 years, he has worked with big and small business, Government departments, local councils, professional associations and NGO’s across Australia and overseas – with groups and audiences totalling hundreds of thousands of people.