WA Chapter Meeting - Celebration, Gratitude & Impact!

  • 11 Dec 2017
  • 6:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
  • Botanical Room 4, Crown Resort, Great Eastern Highway Perth


  • Book by Tuesday 5 December 2017
  • Book by Tuesday 5 December 2017

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The special speaker for this evening is our very own jolly, Merry St Nick, otherwise known as our esteemed National President Warwick Merry CSP. He will be passing out presents bursting with wisdom all evening long and supported by one well-known and well-loved leader of our WA tribe, past chapter president Graham Harvey CSP. 

Session 1 – Celebrating Achievements, Warwick Merry CSP

Not just anyone can be National President of PSA, and Warwick is not just anyone! He has been a member for just under 20 years, has served at many levels in our organisation and has had exposure to many different models and ways to generate income as a speaker.

During our first session, Warwick will share his own journey of success including ways to leverage his time to make money while he sleeps. You will hear some of the different milestones in his speaking business as well as in his life outside of speaking.

He will also share his observations on today’s speaking industry: what is working, new trends that are paving the way, technology aided services and different speaking models to delivery and content that can lead to speaking success.

Warwick’s personal belief is that if you can make Celebrating Success a habit, you will make Success a habit. So naturally he will want to help you celebrate success.

So what successes this year will you celebrate with us?

What are the best tips you’ve received that helped achieve that success?

Be ready to share and celebrate your own successes as you look back on 2017.

Session 2 – How to make the most IMPACT in 2018, Graham Harvey CSP and Warwick Merry CSP

Impact occurs when clarity, focus and purpose drives us to take inspired action. Centred around his proprietary 13 + 1 P’s of Marketing programme, Graham will lead us in a planning session to set you up and accelerate your success in 2018. Do you know what your key intention is in order to play a bigger, deeper, and more profitable game?

Setting goals is just the first step. To ensure the rubber hits the road Warwick will share his own best tips for taking the stage, leading the charge, staying on track and making sustainable impact all year long.

Prior to the meeting, we invite each of you to reflect on your own achievements this year; what you are most grateful for, what has been the most valuable piece of advice, and looking forward, what is your key intention, aspiration or goal for 2018.

What a night this will be! Great friends. True colleagues. Delicious food. Purposeful conversation and a shared calling to shift and transform lives for the better. It doesn’t get any better than this so book now and celebrate 2017 while planning your impact for 2018.

Our Presenters

About Warwick Merry, Master MC, Success Speaker, Exhibiting Expert

Warwick Merry is a Master MC and an inspiring professional speaker, renowned for his high-energy presentations and seminars. An accomplished business person, exhibitor, performer, host and facilitator, his clients call him “Australia’s best MC”.

Warwick is a Certified Professional Speaker who has motivated and inspired thousands of people through his keynote addresses, workshops and programs in Germany, Denmark, Sri Lanka, UAE, China, USA and Australia. Warwick is also a contributing author to the best-selling book Agents of Action, as well as the author of his own book Get More Inspiration. He is a regular contributor to the Indian business magazine, CYCBTH, the London-based Family Business Owner magazine as well as other industry magazines.

He is the host of The Get More Success Show and serves as the National President of Professional Speakers Australia.

For more information on Warwick, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/warwickmerry/ 

About Graham L. Harvey BCom FAIM CSP

Professional Speaker, Service Designer and Business Coach Graham Harvey is the bestselling author of Seducing the Vigilante Customer: 101 winning strategies to attract and retain happy customers and healthy profits.

He is recognised as one of Australasia’s foremost thought leaders on Service Design, Customer Experience and Relationship Marketing. Graham holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Curtin University with a major in Tourism Management and is a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP) with Professional Speakers Australia. He is immediate past State President of the WA Chapter, and a past State President of Regional Chambers of Commerce & Industry WA.

Commencing his business consultancy in 1986, he continues to work throughout the Asia Pacific region guiding organisations and coaching individuals on growing their business by achieving greater clarity of future, and designing innovative customer experience and customer relationship management and marketing strategies.

Graham’s personal mission is “to inspire and empower business to design and deliver standout customer experiences and create cultures of service excellence.”

For more information on Graham, visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/grahamlharvey/