SA State Event - Behind the Keynote: The Story, the Journey, the Message

  • 29 May 2017
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+09:30)
  • Public Schools Club, East Terrace, Adelaide


  • Until Monday 22 May

Registration is closed
Behind the Keynote: The Story, the Journey, the Message

Derrick McManus is a former SA Chapter President of PSA (NSAA) and an inspirational speaker who speaks nationally and internationally.

A police officer and former member of the elite STAR Force, Derrick was involved in Australia’s longest running siege in the Barossa Valley in 1997. During the siege, Derrick was shot 14 times in less than 5 seconds with a high powered assault rifle. He laid on the ground bleeding for three hours before he could be rescued, and when rescued was 30 seconds from death.

How Derrick managed to keep himself alive during those three hours is an amazing story which inspires audiences and has also been adapted to give people the tools to face adversity and overcome the biggest challenges they face in their own lives and businesses.

In this session, Derrick will take you through:

  • The Story – you will hear Derrick’s inspirational keynote of succeeding against the odds
  • The Journey – Derrick will share his journey and some videos which has taken him from being a nervous police officer in his very first speech speaking to Red Cross volunteers to thank them for their blood donations, to being one of Australia’s most in-demand inspirational speakers
  • The Message – a behind the scenes look at how Derrick has taken the components of his story and fashioned them into the message and philosophy of Human Durability: Sustaining Optimum Performance Under Pressure – an area of positive psychology which the School of Psychology at UniSA is now researching in collaboration with Derrick.

From this session you will

  • take away ideas and techniques to increase the power of your own personal stories
  • learn how to turn stories into saleable concepts and messages, and
  • be inspired to continue on your own journey towards a successful speaking career.

Members only: If you are a member or Affiliate of PSA, please join us for a pre-dinner meeting with Derrick for 5.30pm, where you will be able to ask Derrick anything about his speaking career and discuss your own progress