VIC|TAS State Meeting - The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful

  • 16 Oct 2017
  • 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Bridge Hotel, 642 Bridge Road, Richmond


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NOTE: Change of Venue
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What it now takes to make it as a professional speaker

**Note Change of Venue**

In just under 3 years Mykel Dixon has built a successful speaking practice by bending & breaking many of the established rules & conventions.

Commanding big and small stages he’s built an international portfolio of clients, produced national conferences, launched unique marketing campaigns and partnering with some of the best in the biz. His story is as impressive as it is unconventional and now he’s dying to spill the beans.

In this raw, relevant & revealing session, Mykel will share exactly what it now takes to carve out your place in a crowded, complex and often cut-throat industry.

From social media to self-talk, relationship building to vibe design, you’ll learn that in an age of experts, embodiment is everything. And the only way to ensure your success is to listen for, trust and execute your wild, dangerous, and original ideas.

About Mykel Dixon

Mykel Dixon is Australia’s foremost expert on Artisan Thinking, Enterprise Artistry and Atmospheric Design.

A musician by trade, gypsy by nature, fierce nonconformist, accidental author, & prolific anti-perfectionist, he is leading a new wave of entrepreneurial experts showing forward-thinking companies how to stay relevant in a 21st Century Renaissance. 

As a Keynote Speaker, MC, Executive Mentor & Event Experience Designer, Mykel's work invites audiences to reawaken their innate creativity, reimagine their infinite value (as individuals and brands), and redesign their workplaces to be temporary houses of belonging; purpose built for radical inclusion, human-centric innovation and wild & untamed self-expression.

Mykel Dixon is the not-so-secret weapon for future-focussed enterprises who need to produce meaningful, impactful and highly original work. Which nowadays, is all of us.

Pre-Session: Rock n Roll Your Speaking Practice - In conversation with Phil Ceberano

Keeping with the theme of thinking ‘outside the box’, Mykel will begin the evening ‘in conversation’ with his dear friend, co-collaborator and Aussie rock n roll institution, Phil Ceberano.

As a band leader, musical director, recording artist and media personality, Phil has over 30 years experience at the highest level in the entertainment industry.

Together they’ll deep dive into the delicate detail of stage craft, charisma & live performance giving you the tools to move your audience inside and out.

Special General Meeting

During the course of the evening we will also be having the Special General Meeting (SGM) as previously advertised to voting members. It is expected to last 5 minutes.

This meeting is to vote on the Board's proposal to change the implementation date voted on at this year's AGM for removal of the Affiliate category of member. This date is to be extended by twelve months to 1 Jan 2019 to allow more time and support for Affiliates to reach the category of Member.

If you are a CSP, Member or Provisional Member and are unable to attend the SGM, please complete the attached proxy and return to the office.


5.00 – 5.30 Arrival with tea and coffee

5.30 - 6.30 CSP ONLY session

5:30 - 6:30 Pre-session: Rock n Roll Your Speaking Practice - in conversation with Phil Ceberano

6:30 - 7:20 Dinner

7:20 - 7:30 SGM

7:30 - 8:45 Main presentation – Mykel Dixon

8.45 - 9:30 Networking in the bar