WA State Meeting - Understanding Media Pathways to Accelerate Your Speaking Profile

  • 14 Aug 2017
  • 6:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
  • Botanical Room 4, Crown Resort, Perth


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  • Book by Tuesday 8 August 2017

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An evening about engaging with the media, featuring Sue Papadoulis and Dr Joe Kosterich for Understanding Media Pathways to Accelerate Your Speaking Profile

Our August meeting has a media focus from industry experienced experts. Media publicity is one of the most powerful ways to build a speaking business, accelerate your profile and become a celebrity speaker.

This session combines both the insights to the media industry and the pathways for exposure, and a reflection of personal experience.

Session 1: The keys to working with journalists, bloggers and social media influencers to grow your business (Sue Papadoulis, Publicity for Profit and Profile Media Communications)

Learn from media expert, journalist and Profile Media founder, Sue Papadoulis about how to help your business stand out from the crowd by leveraging opportunities in digital news, blogs, TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.

Being seen as an expert in the media and working with digital influencers is becoming a necessary part of attracting and converting customers, as well as drawing strategic alliance partners and investors.

You will learn:

  • What the media is looking for and how to tap into that. How journalists source stories from business owners for exposure on TV, radio, digital news services and magazines
  • The importance of working with bloggers – who are they, how can they help you, and how do you approach them
  • The rise of the ‘influencer’ – what is an influencer, how do they promote businesses, and how do you get them to promote you
  • The value of ‘opinion pieces’ in news – what are they, who wants them, how to get yours published

The media world is rapidly moving online and this presents some exciting opportunities for business owners who are ready to step up.

Sue specialises in helping businesses who have established a level of success, taking them to a new and exciting level through harnessing the power of the media.

If you’re not sure how the media works, don’t know how to create a news story, hadn’t thought about PR as a way of generating sales, don’t have enough time to do your own PR and don’t want to get stung by big PR firm fees – this presentation is for you.

Session 2: You in the Media (Dr Joe Kosterich, Doctor, TV Presenter and Author)

There has never been more media opportunities and pathways for a speaker, yet breaking through to traditional media still remains a challenge.

Where do you even begin and why are some people always in the news?

In this session, medical doctor and TV Presenter Dr Joe Kosterich will share tips and practical ideas from his over twenty years media journey as he shares his story and experiences.

Starting in a time when free to air TV was the core pathway, through to today’s digital age and sometimes overwhelming options.

Much has changed in the media world, but the principles have not. Come and hear Dr Joe’s story and how his lessons may help you become a media star.

These sessions are designed to improve your knowledge and understanding of how the media works and how you leverage it to improve your speaking business outcomes.

We look forward to seeing you there.

About Sue Papadoulis

As a journalist by trade with over twenty year career experience in the media, Sue understands the media industry inside and out.

Sue spent ten years as a journalist and News Editor in Australia and the UK, as well as seven years as a senior public relations executive working for private enterprise and government. She has run her own successful public relations businesses since 2006.

Her clients have appeared on just about every media program you can think of including Sunrise, the Today Show, A Current Affair, the Project and many others. They are often featured in newspapers, magazines, blogs and on radio shows.

Sue’s goal in life is to inspire others to step up and play a bigger game by using the power of the media. Sue has co-authored two books – the Amazon best seller Align, Expand and Success: Shifting the Paradigms of Entrepreneurial Success, and Ignite Your Business Mojo.

Sue holds a masters degree in creative writing and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Curtin University of Technology. She has published countless articles on topics relating to publicity and promotion; starting and growing successful businesses; and conscious business. Discover more on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/suepapadoulis/

About Dr Joe Kosterich

Doctor, speaker, author, media presenter and health industry consultant, Dr Joe Kosterich wants you to be healthy and get the most out of life.

Joe writes for numerous medical and mainstream publications and is also a regular on radio and television. He is often called to give opinions in medico legal cases and he is also an adjunct professor (teaching) at UWA. He is on the editorial advisory panel of Medical Forum Magazine and Reed Medical Conferences.

Dr Joe maintains a website and blog with health information and commentary. He self-published two books: Dr Joe’s DIY Health and 60 Minutes To Better Health.

Previously he held senior positions in the Australian Medical Association and sat on numerous industry and government boards. He has extensive corporate experience in the setting up and management of medical centres and in helping businesses maintain a healthy workforce.

Through all this, he continues to see patients as a GP each week. Discover more on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-joe-kosterich-76a22314/