WA State Meeting - An Evening with Darren LaCroix CSP

  • 13 Feb 2017
  • 6:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
  • The Studion, Crown, Great Eastern Highway Perth


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  • Book by Tuesday 7 February

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An Evening with Darren LaCroix CSP: all the way from Las Vegas

Session One:  Own the Stage
Session Two:  Humour 101

A real-life underdog story, filled with humour and hope.

In 1992, Darren LaCroix took the stage in a Boston comedy club and bombed miserably. It was horrible. The headliner that night told Darren to keep his day job.  Friends told him that his dream of making people laugh for a living was “crazy” and “stupid.” He didn't listen. 

He may have been born without a funny bone in his body, but he possessed the desire to learn and the willingness to fail. These were the essentials for achieving his dream. This self-proclaimed “student of comedy” is living proof that anything can be learned. 

Less than nine years later, in 2001, Darren LaCroix outspoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to become the World Champion of Public Speaking. He did it with a very funny speech. Some say it was one of the best speeches in the history of the contest.

Since that victory, Darren has travelled the world demystifying the process of creating a powerful presentation. His story has roused audiences in faraway places like Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, China, Oman, Malaysia, and Taiwan with his inspirational journey from Chump to Champ. He is passionate about showing people that if you have the right mentors and you are a sponge, anything is possible.

In any industry, standing out to one’s peers carries great meaning. Darren has achieved the National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional designation and Toastmasters’ Accredited Speaker designation. He is currently the only speaker in the world who is a CSP, an AS, and a World Champion Speaker.

Through his LIVE workshops and online programs, Darren works with presenters eager to learn what it takes to connect deeply with their audience. He is the founder of StageTimeUniversity.com, The Ultimate Online Programs for Presenters.

Session one: Own the Stage – Coaching

How serious are you about becoming a better speaker? Are you confident enough to hear the truth?

Every professional athlete has a coach … the best professional speakers have been coached. The reason? You can’t become great on your own. As speakers, we need feedback from a higher level … to go from GOOD TO GREAT!

Darren admits there is NO WAY he could have been crowned 2001 World Champion of Public speaking without a Speaker Coach. He actually had two.

Session Two: Humour 101 - get more laughs in your next presentation, even if you don’t think you are funny

There is nothing like the feeling
of making an audience laugh.”~ Darren LaCroix

Maybe you aren’t funny? Perfect. You are just like me!

Remember, I bombed miserably when I fist took to the stage. My punch lines were so bad the only thing I could hear was the ceiling fan. Ouch. Then I discovered a process. I learned that comedians actually use exercises and formulas to generate their own humour.

Do you believe funny people think differently? The truth is they do. You will never be funnier until you change the way you think. That is exactly what this session will start to do for you.

What would it mean to you if you could use humour more effectively? Seriously! How would using more humour help you with your presentations?

Presenters who use humour connect deeper, earn more, motivate more effectively, are more memorable, stand out, and have more fun!

Oh yeah, they just plain get booked more, too!

If you were a meeting planner, and you had to decide between two presenters, who both had good programs, both had the same expertise, and one was funny. Who would you choose?

It promises to be a night to remember … a great way to start 2017!