NSW|ACT Event - Wonder You! Referrals, Technology and TED

  • 17 Aug 2017
  • 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM
  • The Pavilion at Darling Park, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney


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  • Book by Friday 11 August 2017

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3 Steps To Generating More Referrals Into Your Business

Michael Griffiths

Generating referrals is important, but for most businesses they don’t have a referral plan, rather a hope and wait strategy.

Imagine if you could generate a referral a day without even needing your clients to refer you.

This is exactly what can happen when you follow the right process.

Join us and learn how to:

  • Create referral teams and get people everyday to pass their clients and networks to you
  • Use your networks more effectively so that you generate new opportunities daily
  • Leverage into new networks with cross promotions so that other people can help you fill your sales funnel

About Michael Griffiths:

Michael is the founder of Referral Marketing Guru. He has quickly become the #1 authority around the globe on teaching people how to generate more referrals into their business, how to use their networks more effectively and how to fill their sales funnels through partnerships.

With the #1 Referral Marketing Podcast on iTunes and 2 x #1 Amazon best sellers, Michael speaks about 60 times around the world each year at various expo’s and conferences on referral marketing.

Michael’s motto is simple, look to help someone else, before asking to be helped.

Capturing the TED Magic
Jon Yeo

Great TED Talks are harder than they seem. They are not just short versions of your keynote. Find out what structures make TED talks great and how you can create a talk designed for impact.

In particular, Jon will explore:

  • What are the technical delivery aspects that gain impact and how do you measure that?
  • How important is memorization?
  • Who do you need to be to deliver your message with authenticity and integrity?
  • Discover why subject matter expertise is no longer enough
  • How to build a brand story that connects and engages clients, staff and the community

About Jon Yeo:

Jon is the licensee and curator for TEDx Melbourne. He works with speakers all over the world to share complex ideas, simply.

MC Jenny Cartwright  

We are thrilled to have the fabulous Jenny Cartwright, Telephone Sales Expert as our MC for the evening. Jenny is a sales strategist, sales trainer and coach. She is Author of the best seller “Don’t Get Hung Up” and co-author of “Secrets of Top Sales Professionals Exposed”. Jenny is a key member of the NSW | ACT Chapter Leadership Team and organises the amazing speakers for our monthly events!

Pre-Session - Tales from the Trenches

Presented by the sensational Trevor Perry

Technology Review for Speakers

From the initial spark that fires your passion to create through to the first presentation, your journey will encounter and leverage technology.

There are so many choices at every step of the process. Trevor will start with the basics off stage and on stage, including:

  • Idea generation
  • Brainstorming and research
  • Presentation building and image search
  • Software and hardware

If you have technology questions, this session will improve your confidence about your own technology skills.

About Trevor Perry:

Trevor has over 30 years experience with technology and over 25 years of speaking around the world. He is an advisor on slide deck creation in all industries. He is the current Dean of the Speaker University for the New York City Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

At a Glance:

5.00pm: Registration opens
5.10pm: Pre-session (all welcome!): Technology Review - Trevor Perry
5.50pm: Short break
6.00pm: Formal meeting start
6.05pm: Chapter Leadership Team welcome and special announcements
6.10pm: 3 Steps To Generating More Referrals - Michael Griffiths
7.00pm: Dinner and networking break
7.45pm: Capturing the TED Magic - Jon Yeo
8.35pm: Fun Group Photo
8.40pm: Close