Joe Pane & Mykel Dixon - 2 Big Sessions: VIC|SA|TAS State Meeting

  • 18 Jul 2016
  • 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Amora Hotel River Walk. 649 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC 3121

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Two amazing speakers in July

Joe Pane & Mykel Dixon

Session 2: Joe Pane - Building a Speaking Business from Stage

Presenting our messages from stage is the ultimate opportunity for us to present what we stand for, our values, our energy and our character. Our audiences are making instant decisions on whether they like us or not, willing to listen to our message or not and be open to us or not. Our ability to connect deeply, quickly and effectively is what selling from the stage is. Selling from stage is not about the pitch or the moment where you present your coaching program or cd program or online program. 

Joe Pane has been facilitating and presenting for over 10 years and has generated in excess of $10 million in sales from stage…….not by pitching but by truly connecting with his audience and what they are wanting and needing.

This fun and highly informative session will focus on who you need to be (your mindset) and will be backed up with practical examples and demonstrations of how to influence and move audiences beyond the personal objections they carry which hold people back from stepping up, whether it be in their careers, relationships or life itself.

In the session you'll learn:
  • A different mindset for selling from stage
  • Practical demonstrations of audience engagement
  • How to move participants to take action
  • How to increase your income while being yourself.

About Joe Pane:

As one of the top trainers in the country, Joe Pane not only trains his corporate audiences, but is noted as a true trainer's trainer. Teaching top influencers on how to communicate more effectively from stage, how to connect with their audiences and how to amplify their presentations to deliver more memorable messages. 
  • For the last 10 years Joe Pane has been operating his own coaching/training business specializing in emotional intelligence and behavioural profiling. 
  • He is degree qualified in Psychology and Sociology and has trained in excess of 5000 behavioural coaches working in the field today. 
  • His range of clients include Jones Lange LaSalle, Flight Centre, ANZ, Department of Defence, Hocking Stuart, The Coaching Institute, OAMPS Insurance, Ray White and Coles Group. 
  • He has been married to wife Silvana for 20 years and they are blessed with 8 year old twin boys, Oliver and Nicolas.

Session 1: Mykel Dixon - From Mastery to Artistry

Speaking through your wild and untamed self-expression

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, competence as a speaker is just the cost of entry. Mastering the methodology and perfecting your presentation skills will only get you so far. 

To be remembered and referred requires more than expertise or experience. To stand out these days, you need an edge. But not a far-fetched, instagram filtered, fabrication. Audiences want to see a creative, congruent and confident expression of your authentic self. 

Join Mykel as he takes us on a colourful voyage to the centre of ourselves, so that we might discover, embrace and unleash our wild and untamed self-expression. 

In this session you’ll learn;

  • The value of adopting an Artisan mindset.
  • Why your imperfection is your advantage.
  • How to find, trust and own your uniqueness.
  • Practical ways to enhance your Creativity (both on stage and off)

About Mykel Dixon:

Mykel Dixon is a speaker, author & advisor in the emerging fields of Artisan Thinking & Cultural Architecture.

Drawing on 15 years experience in the arts / entertainment sector as a musician, spoken wordsmith & event designer he liberates individuals and organisations from limiting beliefs, outdated ideologies, and archaic work environments, turning the factory into a workshop, the office into a playground and the people into pure possibility.

Whether trekking the Argentinian Andes or on surf safari in Southern Africa, breaking month long vows of silence in Indian ashrams or owning beach bars in Cambodia, Mykel has always valued and served his wanderlust which continues to inspire and inform his ideas, his intent and his art.

Both speakers are world class and this event is not to be missed. Book Now.