WA State Meeting - The Magic within the TENTS & Blending with Live Online Learning

  • 13 Jun 2016
  • 6:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
  • Crown Entertainment Complex, Botanical Rooms, Great Eastern Highway Perth
  • 9


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  • Book by Tuesday 7 June

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Enjoy an outstanding evening of learning from two of our busiest speakers: Dr. Troy Hendrickson & Philippa Ravn

Speaker 1: “The Magic within the TENTS…Lessons, Links and Learning from Cirque du Soleil” – Dr. Troy Hendrickson

Troy’s session is highly energetic, highly experiential and definitely unique. He will encourage you to re-visit and recalibrate your presentation strategy and the way that you approach speeches (or interpersonal communication in general). Whether you are delivering keynote speeches, workshops, programs or simply communicating with a group of people; this session will provide you with a useful “checklist” and practical tools to ensure that your next presentation is a raving success!

Key learning objectives:

  • Reflect on why presentations really make an impact and interrogate the key facets that allow them to be memorable and impactful
  • Contextualize the Cirque du Soleil “experience” as a reference point for how to ensure that your next presentation produces maximum impact
  • Interrogate/Learn/Practice the 7 TENTS® of powerful presentations
  • Revisit and incorporate the tricks to produce “sticky” messages
  • Apply the principles covered as you prepare future speeches in order to maximize impact!

Dr Troy Hendrickson is an educator, speaker, facilitator and program design expert with over 25 years of experience in a wide variety of settings. Troy is a dual citizen of America and Australia and has worked in numerous corporate, academic, government and not for profit environments with Senior Executives, CEO’s and Managing Directors all the way through to Middle Management, Early Career employees and young adults. (In fact, he was one of the founding ‘creators’ of the John Curtin Leadership Academy (JCLA program), and is still actively involved in numerous RYLA programs throughout Australia and the US). For several years Troy was the Director of the Master of Business Leadership program at the Curtin Graduate School of Business whilst simultaneously being involved in many significant Executive Education interventions.  He has delivered workshops, programs and keynote speeches in over 50 countries throughout Asia, Europe, America, Australia and even New Zealand!! J. Troy is proud to be known as a “prac-ademic” that is able to translate complex information into concepts that are practical, memorable and simple to put into practice. His presentations and workshops are frequently described as, “lively…thought provoking…entertaining and uniquely innovative.”

Speaker 2: Blending with Live Online Learning (including Virtual Classrooms and interactive Webinars) – Philippa Ravn 

To reach a busy, remote and global workforce the only way to effectively train is by embracing Blended Learning.

But is it really as effective as being in the classroom?

What if you can’t physically get your attendees there?

Philippa will share her experience of leading the blending of F2F management training at a global law firm and working on programs for global IT, FMCG and government and banking sectors.


  • What blended learning is, the modalities both F2F and online, including global learning trends
  • Live online learning; webinars, virtual classroom and virtual meetings, including some key providers and hardware requirements
  • A live demonstration of a virtual classroom; see first hand the levels of interaction possible...
  • Please bring your laptop to join in

Philippa Ravn BA (Hons) Marketing and Diploma (Distinction) Coaching, with over fifteen years experience, is a management, leadership and communication face-to-face and online trainer working across the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, USA and Asia. She specialises in blended learning consultancy; taking tradition F2F sessions and innovating the delivery methodology and duration, to reach a remote and global workforce. She is the author of Pick Me, a book to empower individuals to, ‘Choose well and be chosen in work and life’.