Dr Louise Mahler - The Art of Resonating on Stage - Brisbane

  • 21 Jun 2016
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Cliftons, Level 3, 288 Edward Street, Brisbane


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  • Book by 7 June
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The Art of Resonating on Stage

with Dr Louise Mahler

As a speaker, there is nothing worse than unconsciously muddying your message with incongruent movements, meaningless gestures, aggressive postures and untrustworthy eye movement. But how often do you get really in-depth feedback to see what your audiences see (and you may not)?

In this half-day session, we ask you to bring your presentation and your brave heart and Dr Mahler will put the microscope on every aspect of what you say, what you do and how you say it. You will receive an analysis and action plan to take away in a fun and masterfully handled engagement. You will see things you never saw, hear things you never heard and leave feeling like a champion.

Don’t miss this opportunity for you to receive candid, useful & actionable feedback! It may just provide the missing ingredient to even greater success.

About Louise

Dr Mahler works with IBM, Apple, BHP, Gartner, AMP, Toyota, Telstra, Macquarie Group, Commonwealth Bank and ING Direct to name a few. When the best want help, they turn her way and her clients are in parliament, on the international speaking stage and leading global organisations. 

Louise, herself is also in the spot light having completed 37 videos with the Financial Review and appears regularly on breakfast television as well as speaking on stages worldwide. 

Her recently published book ‘Resonate’ with Penguin Random House covers the blockages to self expression essential for every person who cares about presence and influence.