QLD Chapter Event - Taki Moore presents The Perfect Prospect Pipeline & Webinar Selling Crash Course

  • 16 Jun 2015
  • 5:45 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
  • Brisbane Riverview Hotel, cnr Kingsford Smith Dve & Hunt St, Hamilton
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Ooh this is going to be massive! Joining this month will be Taki & Kiri-Maree Moore at the NSAA Brisbane Event. Bringing it together, I spoke with Taki in Toronto and Kiri-Maree in Sydney this week to set you up with a brilliant event on June 16th 2015. They are both super excited to be with us in two weeks!

Shot from the road, outside his conference centre, Taki made a raw video clip for you. Check it out below:

Taki Video to NSAA Community (click to view)

Session 1 - The Perfect Prospect Pipeline

The Perfect Prospect Pipeline™ has 4 essential pieces — First is an Indoctrination Event that positions both the problem and the program. The Funnel Filter ensures you only attract your perfect prospect. The 10-Minute Triage call builds trust & qualifies 
buyers, before the Strategy Session takes people from prospect to client in a single call. 

  • How to use a speaking engagement or webinar to create demand for your coaching or consulting services.
  • The 2 biggest mistakes speakers make with potential clients that cost them the sale
  • How to have 71-84% of your appointments become high priced coaching — without having to use any manipulative sales techniques or high-pressure closes.
  • How to use a Funnel Filter and a 10 minute Triage Call to have potential clients audition for you, instead of having to ‘sell’ yourself

Session 2 - Webinar Selling Crash Course

  • How to run a webinar that rocks as hard as your stage performance, and converts 20-30% of the audience into product buyers or coaching clients.
  • The 6 mistakes almost everyone makes when trying to run a webinar that sells…
  • How to use The Influence Installer™ to teach people to want your stuff, while you deliver a killer training
  • The perfect price point for a webinar offer to maximise sales (and when to offer a Strategy Session instead)
  • How to fill a webinar to capacity (I’ll walk you through The Campaign Calendar™, including which days and times to send your 4 emails, exactly what to say — and even how to fill your webinar if your database is embarrassingly small)

Taki's Prepared a Gift For You - Access it Free Now: 

It’s called “The Triage Call™ — The 9-minute shortcut that signs A-grade clients”
It shows you the one little step my clients add to their sales process that almost doubles their conversion rate — without having to resort to high pressure closes, or being douchey like a used car salesman.

The guide is free, and shows you exactly how to run the 9-minute Triage Call.

If you’d like a copy, click here


We’ll be meeting in the dining room at 5.10pm ready to start our Pre-Session

To attend this element you must have registered for the evening event and be a current financial member of NSAA to have access.

The Event At a Glance:

5:45pm - Registration opens | [Mingle in the Bar Area if arriving early and not attending the Pre-Session for Members]

5:15pm - 5:45pm Pre-session for Members - Designation | Accreditation

6:00pm - 6:30pm Dinner - (2 options served alternate drop)

6:30pm - 6:45pm NSAA Update | Leadership Team Opportunity to Serve

6:45pm - 7:35pm Session One - The Perfect Prospect Pipeline

7:35pm - 7:50pm Coffee Break

7:50pm - 8:50pm Session Two - Webinar Selling Crash Course

8:50pm - 9:00pm Summary | Close

9:00pm - Continue on at downstairs bar


The View Hotel opposite the River
Cnr Kingsford Smith Drive & Hunt Street, Hamilton

Parking: Is free and available on site and in the adjacent street



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