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Corporate Cinderella Leadership Development Company
State Australia
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Leadership, Change, Communication, Connection
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$7,700 - $11,000 AUD | USD
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Tarran is one of Australia’s most inspiring Leadership Presenters, obsessed with communication and connection to help real leaders achieve real results!

Tarran expertly equips your audience to navigate the tightrope of perceptions vs. reality, rapid change and shrinking resources, higher demands and greater stress.

As one of Australia’s sought after Female Speakers, C-Suite Executive Coaches and Change Strategists, Tarran draws on her "Signature 7 Leadership Framework ©” to inspire current and emerging leaders to eliminate fear, maximise talent and accept responsibility for their actions and inactions.

Tarran shows your attendees how to

* Become clear on their own identity, recognising the impact of insecurity and the comparison trap, on team unity and effectiveness

* Recognising the role of Personal and Professional Boundaries through more effective negotiating skills to achieve better outcomes for their employer and greater role satisfaction to

* Discover how to identify, implement and review the latest resources, apps and tools to help them accelerate project goals and KPIs and get them home on time

* Uphold Strategic and Operational plans in alignment with the company | organisations Vision, Mission and Values to support Quality Frameworks for reporting bodies and market position

* Using the values framework to drive Culture and Brand positioning, weeding out non-performers and problem generators, through clear communication, robust discussions and sample scripting and roleplaying - always in support of legislative commitments

* Implement the latest trends in communication to amplify the individual and organisational voice through enhanced speaking skills and leveraged content, be it to an audience of 1:1 or 1:Many

* Cutting through the range of social media platforms to recognise which ones will help your Leaders to extend their influence, represents your Brand online, and safeguard their digital real estate and reputation

Tarran’s passion for entrepreneurial leadership has seen her undertake mentoring, training and ongoing study with some of Australia's leading entrepreneurs.

As the CEO and Founder of Leadership Development Company “Corporate Cinderella”, Tarran brings Leaders together ‘corporately’ in ‘unity’ to achieve ‘cinderella’ or ‘transformational’ results.

It’s a new spin on an old story. Much like business today. This model of engagement utilises practical elements, humour, story-telling, facts, figures and futurist to prepare today's emerging, current and senior Leaders, to serve their customers today and tomorrow.

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Contact Tarran Today on: +61 (0)417 654305

* We honour our strategic partners and Fee's are the same whether booked through a Bureau or Direct.