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Steve Francis is the expert in the complexities of leading effective schools. He is the first choice of Principals around Australia. Whether they want to enhance the skills of their leadership team or they want their staff to be genuinely and absolutely engaged, energised and enthused to REALLY create the difference that sets schools apart, they turn to Steve.
Steve understands the challenges and demands of being a Principal. He has been the Principal of a number of schools from a one-teacher school through to a large metropolitan school in Queensland and an international school in Hong Kong. Since returning to Australia in 2008, Steve works with leading educators to help them reach their potential. Steve brings passion, energy and enthusiasm to his professional development programs.

As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Steve is one of only 100 professional speakers in Australia to be awarded the highest, worldwide recognised designation.

Steve is the author of four books including "First Semester CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOU!", “Time Management For Teachers”, “A Gr8 life Live it Now!” and his latest, a workbook, co-written with Bruce Sullivan – “Attitude is Everything”.

Steve completed a Masters in School Leadership in 1995. His research on teacher stress led him to develop the Happy School program. Over 650 schools across Australia subscribe to receive Steve’s weekly Happy School articles and use them to boost staff morale and reduce teacher stress.

Steve also developed the Survey My School and Survey My Class instruments to help school leaders drive school improvement and the Gr8 People range of resources for schools.

Steve is passionate about work – life satisfaction and keeping things simple.