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    • 04 Sep 2017
    • 8:00 AM
    • 02 Oct 2017
    • 6:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Join the Spring Profile Makeover Competition with PSA & eSpeakers in Our Find a Speaker Directory! 

    The Individual with the Most Improved Profile Results will Win a $1000AUD PRO Membership!

    Did you know as a CSP, Member (Professional), and  Provisional Member, you are eligible for a FREE Basic Profile Listing, valued at $179USD  with eSpeakers as part of your membership? 

    Interestingly, many of us are potentially leaving 'money on the table'. We've noticed at PSA a portion of our membership are really making their mark in our Find a Speaker Directory, but many others are yet to maximise this awesome tool! 

    What an untapped resource!

    Could it be because:

    • you've not been effectively utilising the capability of the eSpeakers business tool, 
    • or perhaps, you don't understand the merits of it enough for our region, 
    • or you think it should just 'do the work' for us 'without any effort from us'?
    • or you're wondering just how does Person X turn up sometimes higher than Person K in the eSpeakers search results and when they're not a CSP?
    • or maybe you've just been waiting to be really shown how this could benefit the way you run your speaking business?

    Does that sound like you? 

    On a recent trip to the USA Tarran Deane sat down with Joe Heaps of eSpeakers and we discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the tool to help you achieve greater value from our PSA Partner, eSpeakers.


    PSA have some great events rolling out around the country this month and this one, well this one is for every financial member, wherever they are located. It's fun, challenging AND profitable to your business! 

    During September, we're inviting ALL our financial memberships - that includes the Affiliates -  to join in the ZOOM Conference Calls 'Spring Profile Makeover'!

    Each Monday Morning at 9am on: 

    • 11 September, 2017
    • 18 September, 2017
    • 25 September, 2017


      ;especially if you missed it on social media: 

    or paste this link in your browser to watch again at a more convenient time: https://youtu.be/T8n25vOTsJo


    1. Register for this FREE event right here on the PSA Event Page. You must LOG-IN with your PSA Credentials to be eligible to watch, support and/or compete in the challenge and grow your understanding of the tool
    2. ZOOM.us and Spring Makeover Secret Facebook Group URLs will be emailed to you between Tuesdays and Thursday, depending when you register during September. 
    3. Save the Dates for: 9am Monday on the 11,18, 25th September and be online ready to watch the Zoom Video Calls
    4. Request to join the Facebook Group once you have registered here on the PSA event page. 
      We'd love you to turn up in the groups and on the calls. 
    5. If you are an Affiliate of PSA you won't be eligible to join the competition component of the Spring Makeover unless you become a paid subscriber to the BASIC, PLUS or PRO membership level. 
    6. Remember, you can always invest and/or upgrade your eSpeakers Subscription to PLUS or PRO for the full range of benefits, whatever your designation.
    7. CSPs, Members (Professional), & Provisional Members - enter the "Save the Dates" to be present on the Calls. Recording links will be uploaded to the Facebook group during the competition phase and may appear next month as an additional resource in the vault. 

    Who is going to win the most improved Profile? 
    You must be registered to be eligible to be in the running for the FULL 1 YEAR PRO eSPEAKERS Account valued at $800USD / $1000AUD approx.


    Tarran Deane will be joined online by Joe Heaps as we pull apart the eSpeakers PRO Profile capabilities and show you the power of this unique platform. We'll also take a look at the Basic and the Plus subscriptions to compare the difference.


    • Who gets the free BASIC Listing?

    CSPs, Members (Professional), Provisional Members 

    • I'm an Affiliate, can I still have a listing if I PAY for the PLUS or PRO eSpeakers Profile?

    Any PSA financial member has the opportunity to independently subscribe to a monthly or yearly PLUS or PRO account with eSpeakers and be listed in the PSA Find a Speaker Directory

    • I'm an Affiliate, but I'm not a paying subscriber to eSpeakers. Can I join the Spring Profile Makeover Competition?

    You have two options:

    i) Join the Zoom Calls on the 11,18 & 25 September and increase your working knowledge of the program but NOT be eligible to join the competition as you don't have a Profile Listing OR 

    ii) At any time during September you can PAY and join a PLUS or PRO eSpeakers subscription and be eligible to play. Just let us know when you've subscribed and Joe at eSpeakers will take your starting stats and GO!

    Still Need More Information? Check out the Summary page created by Joe Heaps of eSpeakers for you: 

    Click HERE to read and watch

    Register today right here on this PSA event page - it's FREE - and be part of the Spring Profile Makeover with PSA & eSpeakers. It's our gift AND challenge to you!

    See you online, 

    warm regards, 

    Tarran Deane

    National Vice-President

    Professional Speakers Australia

    • 25 Sep 2017
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+09:30)
    • Public Schools Club, 207 East Terrace, Adelaide

    How to create dynamic speaking and learning experiences that excite and engage your audience

    Join us this month as Glenn Capelli CSP demonstrates his creative methodology in higher order speaking skills, presenting in layers and using music, movement and humour to make learning come alive. The second half of the evening will be dedicated to questions, conversations and spontaneous activity around the themes of presentation methodology and content. We’ll also look at how to keep the passion alive and sustain your business through challenging times.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to bounce ideas with your fellow professional speaking colleagues and engage with one of our industries most valued members to discover how to be fresh, flexible and buoyant professional speakers.

    About Glenn Capelli CSP

    Glenn Capelli CSP began his professional speaking business in 1987 and over a career of thirty years has learnt what it takes to be resilient, how to keep your message lively and ways to create learning experiences that excite and engage your audience

    Awarded at the highest level including Professional Speakers Australia’s Keynote Speaker of the Year, Educator of the Year, Speaking Hall of Fame, Sir Winston Churchill Fellowship Awardee, Nevin Awardee, member of Mensa and the International Jugglers Association. Glenn continues to lead the way as one of our most enduring and unique professional speakers.

    • 03 Oct 2017
    • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Online

    PSA Members ONLY Webinar Series

    As part of our commitment to assist Affiliates and Provisional Members to achieve the Member level, we are running a new Getting to Member series. This will be an online event hosted on the first Tuesday of each month at 8pm AEST.

    To join us get the link details on the Getting to Member Webinars page in the Members Area of the PSA website.

    In fact, we recommend you create a recurring appointment in your diary so you don’t miss it.

    By the way, if you are a Member or CSP, no worries. You are more than welcome to come and refresh your skills or learn some new ones.

    If for some reason you are unable to make the session, a recording will be uploaded into our new online portal, the Resource Vault. View past webinars there.

    Webinar 5: 3 October 2017

    • How are your speaking back office processes?

    • Do you have a constant approach to paperwork or are you consistently inconsistent?

    • Does your business roll on nicely or are you continually reinventing the wheel?

    A key element of Getting to Member (and Getting to CSP) it to have great processes and document flow.

    This month on Getting to Member, our National Vice President Tarran Deane, will share with us some of the keys to creating great processes to support your business as well as some of the processes that she uses.

    Join us for a 30 min power session on how you can have Systems that run your business while you (and your team) run the systems.

    Registration NOT required, PSA members can get the link to join the webinar on the Getting to Member Webinars page in the Members Area of the PSA website.

    • 09 Oct 2017
    • 6:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
    • Studio Room, Crown Resort, Great Eastern Highway Perth

    Hearing the Success Stories of 4 Perth Speakers

    This is an evening of sharing experience and insights as we hear how four Perth speakers have accelerated their speaking careers and businesses. Join Julie Meek, Violet Dhu, Tasha Broomhall and Lisa Evans who will share their own journeys, addressing questions like:

    • what worked in their speaking business that boast their success;
    • what didn’t work that had to be changed to see better results;
    • the best speaker career tip they ever got; and
    • what advice they would give someone trying to grow their own speaking business.

      About Julie Meek

      Julie Meek is a thought leader and keynote speaker in peak performance, having qualifications in dietetics, food and nutrition, and health promotion.

      She inspires leaders to achieve personal success by utilising the strategies of world class athletes and performers at the top of their game. In sport, some of Julie’s high profile clients include the Fremantle Dockers Football team, the champion Perth Wildcats team and many Olympic athletes across all sports at the Western Australian Institute of Sport. She brings the attributes of elite athletes to business to assist leaders and their teams in achieving high performance.

      Julie is a coach, qualified Sports Dietitian and degree qualified in Health Promotion.

      Julie is also the author of ‘Truth, Lies and Chocolate’ (Finalist in the World Food Media Awards) and ‘Ready, Set…Go’. Featured on television, she is the resident performance expert on a top rating Australian radio station and her expertise is sought across all media channels.

      Discover more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliemeek/

      About Violet Dhu

      Violet is a Mental Health Accredited Social Worker who has a passion for showing people how to speak up and make those difficult conversations more productive in the workplace. She is passionate about helping people to become authentic, effective and honest in their communication so that they can reach their true potential as leaders.

      Violet completed a Bachelor of Social Work from Curtin University, and has spent her career building highly effective communication skills.

      Violet is a graduate of the Harvard Negotiation Program, and believes that we are all play a vital role in creating productive workplaces where people feel safe to speak up and be honest.

      Discover more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/violet-dhu-6b95143b/

      About Tasha Broomhall, CSP

      Tasha Broomhall is the Director of Blooming Minds.

      Author, speaker, facilitator and educator (and a not so secret desire to be a Play School presenter). Tasha has a study and work history in both disability and psychology and is currently completing Masters of Science Psychology.

      Her work has been recognised with the ICCWA Suicide Prevention Award in WA and recently as a finalist in the national LiFE Awards for Excellence in Suicide Prevention, for initiatives in workplaces.

      Discover more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tashabroomhall/ 

      About Lisa Evans 

      Lisa Evans is known as The Story Midwife.

      Lisa is the Director of Speaking Savvy and Stories From Heart,  an award winning inspirational speaker,  member of PSA Australia, World Class Certified Speaking and Storytelling Coach, TEDx speaker coach, and soon-to-be published author. Lisa helps leaders globally to create powerful presentations and captivating business stories.

      Lisa is a late starter to the world of professional speaking. Before her transformational speaking journey, Lisa worked for over 20 years as a Midwife, then a devastating illness forced her to leave her clinical career.

      Lisa will share with you 3 tips on how she went from affiliate to member whilst balancing a for-profit as well as a for-purpose business.

      Discover more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisaevansstorytellingexpert/ 

      • 10 Oct 2017
      • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+10:30)
      • Public Schools Club, 207 East Terrace, Adelaide

      • 16 Oct 2017
      • 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
      • Bridge Hotel, 642 Bridge Road, Richmond

      What it now takes to make it as a professional speaker

      In just under 3 years Mykel Dixon has built a successful speaking practice by bending & breaking many of the established rules & conventions.

      Commanding big and small stages he’s built an international portfolio of clients, produced national conferences, launched unique marketing campaigns and partnering with some of the best in the biz. His story is as impressive as it is unconventional and now he’s dying to spill the beans.

      In this raw, relevant & revealing session, Mykel will share exactly what it now takes to carve out your place in a crowded, complex and often cut-throat industry.

      From social media to self-talk, relationship building to vibe design, you’ll learn that in an age of experts, embodiment is everything. And the only way to ensure your success is to listen for, trust and execute your wild, dangerous, and original ideas.

      About Mykel Dixon

      Mykel Dixon is Australia’s foremost expert on Artisan Thinking, Enterprise Artistry and Atmospheric Design.

      A musician by trade, gypsy by nature, fierce nonconformist, accidental author, & prolific anti-perfectionist, he is leading a new wave of entrepreneurial experts showing forward-thinking companies how to stay relevant in a 21st Century Renaissance. 

      As a Keynote Speaker, MC, Executive Mentor & Event Experience Designer, Mykel's work invites audiences to reawaken their innate creativity, reimagine their infinite value (as individuals and brands), and redesign their workplaces to be temporary houses of belonging; purpose built for radical inclusion, human-centric innovation and wild & untamed self-expression.

      Mykel Dixon is the not-so-secret weapon for future-focussed enterprises who need to produce meaningful, impactful and highly original work. Which nowadays, is all of us.

      Pre-Session Presentation - Rock n Roll Your Speaking Practice with international surprise guest!


      5.00 – 5.30 Arrival with tea and coffee

      5.00 - 6.30 CSP ONLY session

      5:30 - 6:30 Pre-session Presentation - Rock n Roll Your Speaking Practice

      6:30 - 7:15 Dinner

      7:15 - 8:30 Main presentation – Mykel Dixon

      8:30 - 8.45 Wrap up and conclusion

      8:45 on Networking in the bar

      • 17 Oct 2017
      • 5:45 PM - 9:05 PM (UTC+10:00)
      • Brisbane Riverview Hotel, cnr Kingsford Smith Dve and Hunt St, Hamilton
      • 32

      QLD|NT State Meeting - October

      • 19 Oct 2017
      • 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM
      • The Pavilion at Darling Park, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney

      NSW|ACT Event - October Event

      • 13 Nov 2017
      • 6:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
      • Botanical Room 4, Crown Resort, Great Eastern Highway Perth

      AT&T manager, Ken Haemer, once said, “Designing a presentation without an audience in mind is like writing a love letter and addressing it: To Whom It May Concern”. Adding humour into a presentation takes design and requires a focus on who you are delivering the message to.

      The skills of a comedian, their ability to think on their feet and deal with anything that comes from the audience, can be a critical skillset for any speaker, whether you are a master of ceremonies through to a facilitator. Being about to break the ice, build rapport fast and add humour goes a long way to being a memorable speaker.

      This month’s session is about understanding the importance of humour and how it can improve the results of getting a message through and having an audience walk away both educated and entertained. Most important to understand is that humour enhances emotion, and there is a direct link between emotional state and memory. Learn how to deliver your topic that can engage more of the audience’s senses.

      Session 1 – Sam Longley

      We can all learn how to craft a joke, how to deliver a speech with a smile and how to find the lighter side to any subject. It’s not rocket science or comedy magic, its simple understanding communication.

      Comedy is a tool you use to engage your audience with positivity and have them eager to listen to you for the important messages to be conveyed. If, after a talk you’ve given, you hear this “they were so funny” or “it’s funny because it’s true”, means you have engaged your audience. Most importantly, they can connect and see their own lives less seriously by finding parallels between the message and themselves. Humour often intercepts an analogy that is easy to hear, with what is happening in their life that may be more difficult to deal with.

      No one expects to have laugh at a work function (which is a shame), but when they do it’s a welcome surprise and a memorable one.

      Session 2 – Bonnie Davies (the Amazing and Famous Sharron)

      Not everyone can be as famous as ‘Famous Sharron’, who is famous for absolutely nothing.

      'Famous Sharron' has become a hit comedy character created by Bonnie Davies and managed by The Gelo Company.

      'Famous Sharron' parodies modern celebrity and is very famous for nothing. She's been seen on every TV Channel (ABC, SBS, Channel 7, Channel 9, Network 10), in Elle Magazine, TV Week and all over the internet.

      Famous Sharron was dubbed 'Queen of the Fringe' and awarded the 'Spirit of the Fringe' in 2014, while also receiving award nominations for multiple shows.

      Famous Sharron won 'Best Marketing' at New Zealand Fringe Festival in 2014 and has toured extensively throughout regional WA - including Port Hedland, Karratha, Wheatstone, Beverley, and Geraldton multiple times.

      Come a meet Famous Sharron, learn about what YOU can become famous for. Most important, hear the story of taking an idea to a speaking career.

      Our Presenters

      About Sam Longley

      Sam Longley has been working as an actor, comedian, writer and director since the late nineties. He works as a Corporate Trainer in communications and a Film Maker. As a professional actor, he has performed everything from a Shakespearian drunkard to an eight-year old delinquent.

      He has written plays, hosted TV shows, written and directed short films, performed on stages large and small to audiences vast and tiny. Sam has performed in the feature films Where The Wild Things Are with Spike Jonze and Jasper Jones written by Craig Silvy.

      Sam has toured extensively through-out Australia and internationally and is the creator of the improv comedy show The Big Hoo-Haa, that is now in its sixteenth sellout season.

      He teaches professional speakers through the six week Lazy’s School of Comedy, where many PSA members have debuted on stage with their onwn crafted Stand Up.

      For more information about Sam, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/sam-longley-71587618/.

      About Bonnie Davies

      Bonnie Davies is the Director of The Gelo Company that brings laughter into the world, and a multi-award winning producer and comedian.

      Her business is behind many successful partnerships including Bogan Bingo, The Big HOO-HAA!, leading projects like FRINGE WORLD Venues, First Floor All Ages Program, Falls Festival, Bullshit Trivia and DIY Comedy Workshops.

      She is the real name behind ‘Famous Sharron’ – learn more on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htDAd5v_skU, and featured on the ABC, SBS, Channel 7, Channel 9, Network 10, in Elle Magazine, TV Week and all over the internet.

      For more information about Bonnie, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/bonnieisbonnie/

      • 14 Nov 2017
      • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+10:30)
      • Public Schools Club, 207 East Terrace, Adelaide

      • 14 Nov 2017
      • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
      • Online

      PSA Members ONLY Webinar Series

      As part of our commitment to assist Affiliates and Provisional Members to achieve the Member level, we are running a new Getting to Member series. This will be an online event hosted on the first Tuesday of each month at 8pm AEST.

      To join us get the link details on the Getting to Member Webinars page in the Members Area of the PSA website.

      In fact, we recommend you create a recurring appointment in your diary so you don’t miss it.

      By the way, if you are a Member or CSP, no worries. You are more than welcome to come and refresh your skills or learn some new ones.

      If for some reason you are unable to make the session, a recording will be uploaded into our new online portal, the Resource Vault. View past webinars there.

      Webinar 6: 14 November 2017

      Details to Come

      Registration NOT required, PSA members can get the link to join the webinar on the Getting to Member Webinars page in the Members Area of the PSA website.

      • 16 Nov 2017
      • 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM
      • The Pavilion at Darling Park, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney

      NSW|ACT Event - November Event

      • 17 Nov 2017
      • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
      • Mantra Tullaramine Hotel, cnr Melrose Drive and Trade Park Drive, Tullamarine

      PSA's NOVEMBER 2017



      Friday 17th November - 9am to 5pm


      Professional Speakers Australia invites all high-earning speakers, CSPs and presenters* to a one day summit to hear ideas and issues influencing the speaking marketplace. Meet with like minded professionals to discuss topical issues and get great new ideas.

      OUR November SUMMIT VENUE: Mantra Tullamarine Airport 2 Trade Park Dr Tullamarine VIC

      • Just 5-10 mins from Melbourne Airport (for fly ins!)
      • Convenient Car Parking available on street, or $10 all day parking, or courtesy bus from Airport (ask PSA Secretariat for details)

      Save the Dates - Upcoming Platform Professionals Summit Dates:
      • Friday 16 March 2017 –  at PSA Convention 2018 in Brisbane

      Enquiries to admin@professionalspeakers.org.au  or 1300 739 993.

      Keith Abraham CSP is the Current PPS Chair.

      Want to know more? Hear what other speakers say about PPS, watch this video.

      *Eligibility to attend PPS: Have achieved the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation or earn in excess of $300,000 in speaking related revenue in the past 12 months.

      • 20 Nov 2017
      • 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
      • TBA

      VIC|TAS State Meeting - November

      • 21 Nov 2017
      • 5:45 PM - 9:05 PM (UTC+10:00)
      • Brisbane Riverview Hotel, cnr Kingsford Smith Dve and Hunt St, Hamilton
      • 32

      QLD|NT State Meeting - November

      • 07 Dec 2017
      • 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM
      • The Pavilion at Darling Park, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney

      NSW|ACT Event - December Event

      • 12 Dec 2017
      • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+10:30)
      • Public Schools Club, 207 East Terrace, Adelaide

      • 16 Mar 2018
      • 19 Mar 2018
      • Sofitel Brisbane Central Hotel

      IMPACT! #PSAConvention 2018

      Now more than ever…

      Your voice needs to be heard
      Your business needs to be sustainable
      Your message needs to spread

      The IMPACT Professional Speakers Conference

      Is about making all three things happen


      Method Mates

      How to design and deliver unique and outstanding presentations


      Business Buddies

      How much do you need to earn to make a dollar?

      Discover what business model works best for YOU!


      Meme Teams

      How to harness media, social media, Word of mouth and magnify your message

      This is THE CONFERENCE

      for every professional speaker and presenter.

      IMPACT! - I’m packed.

      The ultimate annual event where aspiring, experienced, and legendary Professional Speakers alike, come to together to network and learn from the best speakers in Australia and from around the world. Keynotes, workshops, breakouts, and other special events will be held across the 4 days at Queensland's Sofitel Brisbane Central Hotel.

      On Friday AND Monday, we have scheduled a series of pre and post Convention workshops that will provide you with deeper information and understanding of topics which normally cannot be mined during the normal convention length sessions. These in-depth, intensive sessions will deliver great information to assist you in developing and maintaining your presentations at the leading edge, understanding our changing world, and building your profitable speaking business.

      The Opening Ceremony will be held late on the Friday afternoon and will be followed by a welcoming, networking function. A special function will be held on Friday afternoon preceding the workshops to allow first time and other delegates to get the best out of Convention.

      You can choose to add-on one or bundle both of the workshop days to your Convention registration.

      If you are a CSP there will be the closed door CSP Summit for you on the Friday where a large range of topics and information relevant to senior speakers will be discussed and shared.

      The PSA Convention 2018 will be full of practical ideas you can apply to your business, opportunities to connect with key people in the industry and a load of fun re-connecting with other PSA members. 

    Past events

    21 Sep 2017 NSW|ACT Event - A Merry Bucket!
    19 Sep 2017 QLD | NT State Meeting - Transform in Ten with Warwick Merry CSP
    18 Sep 2017 WA Special Event - Kosmic Sound Site Visit
    18 Sep 2017 VIC|TAS State Meeting - Protect Your IP
    11 Sep 2017 WA Chapter Meeting - If You're Speaking, you Should be Writing AND Publishing Disruption
    05 Sep 2017 Getting to Member Webinar Series No. 4
    30 Aug 2017 SA Chapter Workshops - HALF and FULL day with Allan Parker
    29 Aug 2017 SA Chapter Meeting - Blurring the Lines with Allan Parker
    21 Aug 2017 VIC|TAS State Meeting - How to Be An Expert
    17 Aug 2017 NSW|ACT Event - Wonder You! Referrals, Technology and TED
    17 Aug 2017 Platform Professionals Summit August 2017, SYDNEY
    15 Aug 2017 QLD | NT Chapter Meeting - Inspire You with the Athlete's Secret Weapon
    14 Aug 2017 WA State Meeting - Understanding Media Pathways to Accelerate Your Speaking Profile
    01 Aug 2017 Getting to Member Webinar Series No. 3
    31 Jul 2017 SA Chapter Meeting - Stand Up to Stand Out
    22 Jul 2017 QLD | NT SPECIAL EVENT - Keith Abraham Workshop - SOLD OUT
    20 Jul 2017 NSW|ACT Event - Let's Reach for the Moon!
    18 Jul 2017 QLD | NT Chapter Meeting - Voicing the Vision
    17 Jul 2017 VIC|TAS Chapter Meeting - Can You Be Trusted?
    10 Jul 2017 WA State Meeting - Leveraging Social Media for Getting Speaking Gigs
    03 Jul 2017 WA Informal Skill Building Session - Members ONLY
    01 Jul 2017 SA Members ONLY Workshop with Tim Gard
    28 Jun 2017 VIC|TAS Journey To Member Series Event - PSA Members ONLY
    27 Jun 2017 SA State Event - Booking More Business, with Lindsay Adams CSP
    20 Jun 2017 QLD | NT State Meeting - Influencer, Expert or Invisible?
    19 Jun 2017 VIC|TAS State Meeting - Working with the BIG Corporates
    15 Jun 2017 NSW|ACT Event - The Power of Words
    12 Jun 2017 WA State Meeting - An Evening with Sarah Cordiner
    29 May 2017 SA State Event - Behind the Keynote: The Story, the Journey, the Message
    18 May 2017 NSW|ACT State Event - One Evening to Change Everything with Pete Longworth and Allan Parker
    16 May 2017 QLD | NT State Meeting - Tribes and Traction with John Driscoll CSP
    15 May 2017 VIC|TAS State Meeting - Influencer and Lead Generation Indicator with Jane Anderson CSP
    08 May 2017 WA State Meeting - An Evening with Gihan Perera
    27 Apr 2017 VIC|TAS State Meeting - Making Money in Your Jammies! With Rebecca Morgan CSP
    22 Apr 2017 SA Workshop - Turn Your Passion for Speaking into a Profitable Business
    20 Apr 2017 NSW|ACT Event - Making Money in Your Jammies! With Rebecca Morgan CSP
    18 Apr 2017 QLD | NT State Meeting - Making Money in Your Jammies! With Rebecca Morgan CSP
    10 Apr 2017 SA State Event - Making Money in Your Jammies! With Rebecca Morgan CSP
    06 Apr 2017 WA State Meeting - Make Money in Your Jammies! With Rebecca Morgan CSP
    06 Apr 2017 VIC|TAS Pop Up - Learnings from Convention
    24 Mar 2017 Professional Speakers Australia Convention 2017 - ENERGISE
    21 Feb 2017 QLD|NT State Meeting - Creativity is the New Black!
    20 Feb 2017 VIC|TAS State Meeting - Making 2017 a Benchmark Year
    16 Feb 2017 NSW|ACT Event - An Evening with Darren LaCroix CSP
    13 Feb 2017 WA State Meeting - An Evening with Darren LaCroix CSP
    19 Jan 2017 NSW|ACT Workshop - Prepare for both Inner and Outer Success!
    17 Jan 2017 Tuesday 17th January: Canapés and Creativity - a combined QLD pop-up
    13 Jan 2017 Platform Professionals Summit January 2017
    12 Dec 2016 WA State Meeting - Six of the Best!
    08 Dec 2016 NSW|ACT Event - Cruise Ship Christmas Party
    07 Dec 2016 Wed 7th Dec: Combined Pop-Up Speaker Cafe in Brisbane [We're All in One Place!]
    21 Nov 2016 Christmas and CSP Panel - VIC|SA|TAS State Meeting
    17 Nov 2016 NSW|ACT Event - CSP & Expert Roundtable
    15 Nov 2016 Brisbane: "Want to Set-Up Multi-Day, 6 Month or 12 Month Programs and Sell Beyond the Stage? Donna Hanson CSP shows you her inside secrets working with global brands and local companies with Donna Hanson CSP + Develop Your 90 Day Action Plan with Tarran"
    25 Oct 2016 Platform Professionals Summit October 2016
    24 Oct 2016 PSA WA Special Meeting: Leveraging Your Speaking Business
    20 Oct 2016 NSW|ACT Event - Get FREE Publicity and Present with PRESENCE
    18 Oct 2016 QLD | NT State Meeting: The Magic of Making Money
    17 Oct 2016 Bill James CSP - VIC|SA|TAS State Meeting - Elephants and Ice-Cream
    10 Oct 2016 WA State Meeting - The Panel: What's hot and what's not!
    27 Sep 2016 September 27: Pop-Up Speaker Cafes in Gold & Sunshine Coasts & Brisbane
    22 Sep 2016 Marty Wilson - More Funny, More Money - Perth
    20 Sep 2016 Marty Wilson - More Funny, More Money - Melbourne
    16 Sep 2016 Marty Wilson - More Funny, More Money - Sydney
    01 Sep 2016 Marty Wilson - More Funny, More Money - Brisbane
    23 Aug 2016 PSA Webcast - How to Play a Bigger Game, Rowdy McLean CSP
    18 Aug 2016 NSW|ACT Speakers Workshop - SuperSIZE the sizzle in your signature story
    17 Aug 2016 QLD | NT State Meeting: How to Get More Speaking Business & More Business From Your Speaking
    08 Aug 2016 WA State Meeting - Entertainment Secrets for Engaging your Audience
    21 Jul 2016 NSW|ACT Event - LinkedIn for Lead Generation & Negotiating for Success
    19 Jul 2016 Platform Professionals Summit July 2016
    18 Jul 2016 Joe Pane & Mykel Dixon - 2 Big Sessions: VIC|SA|TAS State Meeting
    11 Jul 2016 WA State Meeting - Storytelling & Metaphors
    05 Jul 2016 Dr Louise Mahler - The Art of Resonating on Stage - Sydney
    30 Jun 2016 NSW|ACT: Tales from the Trenches Online - Bill Jennings on Tips for Speakers from an Event Programmer
    21 Jun 2016 Dr Louise Mahler - The Art of Resonating on Stage - Brisbane
    14 Jun 2016 PSA Webcast - Dan Gregory & Keiran Flanagan; Amplify Your Influence and Success
    13 Jun 2016 WA State Meeting - The Magic within the TENTS & Blending with Live Online Learning
    01 Jun 2016 Dr Louise Mahler - The Art of Resonating on Stage - Melbourne
    19 May 2016 NSW|ACT Event - An Evening of Magic Ps
    17 May 2016 "Shoot the Speaker, Get the Gig & Make the Money Talk!" Billy Kirkley & Tarran Deane at Your May 17th QLD | NT Meeting
    16 May 2016 Glenn Capelli - VIC|SA|TAS State Meeting - Bounce-Better, Smarter & Wiser
    09 May 2016 WA State Meeting - Get more bookings over East and turn your information into products
    08 Apr 2016 Professional Speakers Australia Convention 2016
    15 Mar 2016 PSA Webcast - How to Lead a Quest
    05 Mar 2016 How to Get Paid to Speak - Sydney
    05 Mar 2016 How to Get Paid to Speak - Melbourne
    05 Mar 2016 How to Get Paid to Speak - Perth
    05 Mar 2016 How to Get Paid to Speak - Brisbane
    18 Feb 2016 NSW|ACT Event - Sales Simplicity and Getting Bums on Seats
    16 Feb 2016 QLD | NT State Meeting: How to Reach, Teach, Speak and Innovate
    15 Feb 2016 VIC|SA|TAS State Meeting - A Look Behind the Curtain
    08 Feb 2016 WA State Meeting - Keys to Building a World Class Speaking Business
    27 Jan 2016 PSA Webcast - 10 Mistakes Speakers Make & How to Avoid Them
    15 Jan 2016 Platform Professional Summit January 2016
    10 Dec 2015 NSW|ACT Christmas Party - a FUN end to the year!!!
    07 Dec 2015 WA Chapter Event - Make 2016 your best speaking year ever!
    07 Dec 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Christmas Party Celebration
    26 Nov 2015 Special Event: Terry Brock & Gina Carr - Sydney
    25 Nov 2015 Special Event: Terry Brock & Gina Carr - Melbourne
    23 Nov 2015 Christmas Canapes Celebration & Fill Your Calendar Masterclass
    23 Nov 2015 Special Event: Terry Brock & Gina Carr - Brisbane
    19 Nov 2015 NSW|ACT Event - Finding More Speaking Opportunities in Turbulent Times
    16 Nov 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Chapter Event - Allan Parker - At Your Service
    09 Nov 2015 WA Chapter Event - How to Reach, Teach, Speak and Innovate
    06 Nov 2015 Special Event: Terry Brock & Gina Carr - Perth
    20 Oct 2015 QLDNT Oct 20th Event: Insights, Ideas and Inspiration for Your Professional Speaking Business from CSP Keith Abraham
    19 Oct 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Stan Alves - Keynote Master Class
    15 Oct 2015 NSW|ACT Event - Speaking to Sell & Delivering a 'Wonderful' Experience to your Audience
    12 Oct 2015 WA Chapter Event - Power of Podcasting
    18 Sep 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Event/Workshop - Gihan Perera: Twice the Profit, Half the Work
    17 Sep 2015 NSW|ACT Event - Dr Rich Allen - Hold Your Audience in the Palm of Your Hand
    15 Sep 2015 QLD | NT Sept Event: How to Grow Your International Speaking Engagements
    14 Sep 2015 WA Chapter Event - Utilising the Benefits of LinkedIn
    20 Aug 2015 NSW|ACT Chapter Event: Lisa McInnes-Smith and Jon Yeo
    18 Aug 2015 QLD Chapter Event - Hot August Night International Conference Highlights & Interactive Session on Building Your PSA Competency
    17 Aug 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Chapter Event - Lisa McInnes Smith - How to Find, Craft and Deliver Your Unique Stories
    10 Aug 2015 WA Chapter Event - How to Tell Stories and Deliver More Engaging Presentations
    21 Jul 2015 QLD Chapter Webinar Event: Automate Your Online Lead Generation and Marketing
    20 Jul 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Chapter Event - The Art and Science of Behaviour Change
    16 Jul 2015 NSW|ACT Chapter Event: Finding Your Niche Within the Niche
    13 Jul 2015 WA Chapter Event - Protecting your Speaking Brand and Intellectual Property
    06 Jul 2015 Platform Professional Summit July 2015
    24 Jun 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Special Event: A Day of Stagecraft with Clinton Swaine
    20 Jun 2015 NSW|ACT Special Event: A Day of Stagecraft with Clinton Swaine
    18 Jun 2015 NSW|ACT Chapter Event: Building Relationships and Sales
    16 Jun 2015 QLD Chapter Event - Taki Moore presents The Perfect Prospect Pipeline & Webinar Selling Crash Course
    15 Jun 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Chapter Event - Steve Simpson
    11 Jun 2015 VIP Past QLD|NT Presidents & CSP Dinner ~ Invitation Only
    08 Jun 2015 WA Chapter Event - Creating and Marketing your Speaking Brand
    24 May 2015 Tasmania Event - Improve Your Story Telling with Max Walker and Bernadette Black
    21 May 2015 NSW|ACT Chapter Event: Keeping Your Keynote Fresh & Fantastic Facilitations
    19 May 2015 QLD Chapter Event - Speaker Marketing & Money Making Tactics
    18 May 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Event - The New Rules of Speaking
    11 May 2015 WA Chapter Event - Keeping Your Speaking Diary Full
    30 Apr 2015 NSW Past President's Dinner (Private, invite only)
    24 Apr 2015 NSAA Webcast - Technology Tools, Tips and Traps
    21 Apr 2015 QLD Chapter Event With a Difference!
    20 Apr 2015 SA|TAS|VIC Event - Seeing Things Differently - Eilidh Milnes
    16 Apr 2015 NSW|ACT Chapter Event: How to Create a Million Dollar Speech & Sensational Storytelling
    13 Apr 2015 WA Chapter Event - Grow Your Business, Grow Your Profits
    27 Mar 2015 Platform Professionals Summit
    27 Mar 2015 NSAA Convention 2015 - Capital Convention
    17 Mar 2015 QLD Chapter Event - Trademarks, Intellectual Property
    16 Mar 2015 VIC|SA|TAS Event - Get More Money With Fewer Customers
    09 Mar 2015 WA Chapter Event - Fit, Fast & Focused
    19 Feb 2015 NSW|ACT Chapter Event: Memorising 40-minute Speeches + Who will buy your thought leadership?
    17 Feb 2015 QLD Chapter Event - How You Can Slay the Giants
    16 Feb 2015 VIC|SA|TAS Event - Find your unique voice with Tania de Jong AM
    09 Feb 2015 WA Chapter Event - Establishing or Growing a Speaking Business
    29 Jan 2015 NSW|ACT Chapter Event & NSAA SGM - Surefire Ways to Guarantee Your Best Year Yet!
    20 Jan 2015 QLD Chapter Event - High Tea in January
    10 Dec 2014 NSAA NSW Christmas Function
    20 Nov 2014 NSW|ACT Chapter Event - CSP Roundtable
    18 Nov 2014 QLD Chapter Event - Make 2015 YOUR Best Year Ever!
    17 Nov 2014 VIC|TAS Chapter Event - Panel Event
    11 Nov 2014 WA Chapter Event - Marketing You and Your Product
    21 Oct 2014 QLD Chapter Event - A Dozen Ways to Stimulate the Brain and Ignite the Spirit
    20 Oct 2014 VIC|TAS Chapter Event - Author Your Way to Speaking Success
    16 Oct 2014 NSW|ACT Chapter Event - Your Most Important Speaking Tool - Your Voice!
    14 Oct 2014 WA Chapter Event - How To Build A Tribe Around Your Speaking Business
    18 Sep 2014 NSW|ACT Chapter Event - The Secrets of Selling to Top Tier Corporations
    16 Sep 2014 QLD Chapter Event - So, you want to present at TEDx?
    15 Sep 2014 VIC|TAS Chapter Event - Thought Leadership
    09 Sep 2014 WA Chapter Event - Humane Presentations